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There are plenty of beverages at McDonald’s, and some are really unhealthy

A large McCafe Mocha contains 500 calories.

McDonald’s is best-known, obviously, for their food items like Big Macs, Chicken NcNuggets, and the infamous McRib. Not including shakes (we’ll consider those desserts), here are the unhealthiest drinks that McDonald’s offers, from a calorie standpoint.

#5 French Vanilla Latte (Large)
Calories: 420
Fat: 14
Cholesterol: 40 milligrams
Sugar: 56 grams

#4 Hazelnut Latte (Large)
Calories: 430
Fat: 14
Cholesterol: 40 milligrams
Sugar: 60 grams

#3 Caramel Mocha (Large)
Calories: 480
Fat: 17
Cholesterol: 50 milligrams
Sugar: 60 grams

#2 McCafe Mocha (Large)
Calories: 500
Fat: 17
Cholesterol: 50 milligrams
Sugar: 63 grams

#1 Hot Chocolate (Large)
Calories: 540
Fat: 20
Cholesterol: 60 milligrams
Sugar: 68 grams

The 10 Least Healthy Items You Can Get At McDonald's

The website has a comprehensive list of the most caloric menu items at the fast food chain.

These 10 items will pack the biggest caloric punch.

1. Big Breakfast With Hotcakes (1,150 calories).

This breakfast item will cost you about half the day's recommended calories. It includes eggs, a biscuit, a hashbrown, hotcakes, biscuits, and sausage. Add syrup to the hotcakes and the calories climb even higher.

2. McFlurry With M&M's, 16 oz cup (930 calories).

This sweet treat has nearly as many calories as the huge breakfast platter. Next time you go to McDonald's, try sharing with a friend.

3. McCafe Shakes, 22 oz cup (830-850 calories).

The classic strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate shakes have more calories than a meal. They also contain about half the recommended daily value of fat.

4. Cheeseburger Happy Meal (840 calories).

This Happy Meal, which contains a cheeseburger, small fries, and a 12-oz Sprite, is defintely not kid-sized. Swap out the drink for water to save 140 calories.

5. Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese (750 calories).

It's not surprising that this sandwich is unhealthy. Add large fries and a drink, and the calorie count nearly doubles.

6. Frappe Mocha, Large (680 calories).

This coffee drink will give you more than an afternoon pick-me-up. Try getting unsweetened iced coffee with milk instead.

7. Premium Crispy Chicken Club Sandwich (670 calories).

The fried patty, cheese, and bacon pad the calories on this sandwich. For a healthier option, try the grilled version and skip the cheese or bacon.

8. Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Bagel (630 calories).

This breakfast sandwich has more than double the calories of an Egg McMuffin, thanks to the supersized bagel.

9. Premium McWrap, Crispy Chicken and Bacon (620 calories).

The McWraps were designed to compete with Subway. But the crispy chicken will cost you some extra calories. Try the grilled version at 420 calories.

10. McDonald's Sausage Biscuit With Egg (570 calories).

You could eat two Egg McMuffins and still have fewer calories than the sausage biscuit.

9. Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Source: Wikimedia Commons By Checkingfax

You&rsquod think that a chicken sandwich would be a healthier option. The Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich would be if it weren&rsquot for the fact that it&rsquos made with fattening buttermilk and topped with a big scoop of mayonnaise.

This sandwich has 620 calories, 29 grams of fat (5 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 1,030 milligrams of sodium, and 63 grams of carbs.

FUN FACT: McDonald&rsquos Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich has more fat than three slices of Domino&rsquos cheese pizza and more sugar than a glazed Krispy Kreme donut.

How Unhealthy Is McDonald's, Really?

For all the criticisms lobbed against it, McDonald's is certainly good for some things. (Oatmeal, maybe. Fries, definitely. Cheap coffee, sure.) And yet it's hard to picture any of its proponents describing McDonald's as healthy. That is, until just recently, when the "senior director of culinary innovation" for the chain said, "I don't see anything on the menu that's unhealthy." Look, chef Daniel Coudreaut, I had one of those McFlurry things just the other day, but I think we can all agree there are some items at the Golden Arches that are not necessarily in our bodies' best interest. So as a sort of public service, Eat Like a Man has rounded up the ten highest-calorie offerings among popular McDonald's orders, for your perusal below. Not because you shouldn't necessarily eat them from time to time, but because you might want to know about them. You might be surprised to find that the leader of the pack is actually a drink. Mayor Bloomberg, maybe not so much.

1. Chocolate Triple Thick Shake, 32 oz. (1160 cals)

2. Big Breakfast with Hotcakes* (regular-size biscuit: 1090 cals, large-size biscuit: 1150 cals)

3. Strawberry Triple Thick Shake, 32 oz. (1110 cals)

4. Angus Chipotle BBQ Bacon (800 cals)

5. Big Breakfast, large-size biscuit (800 cals)

6. Angus Bacon & Cheese (790 cals)

7. Angus Mushroom & Swiss (770 cals)

8. Angus Deluxe (750 cals)

9. Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese (740 cals)

10. Steak, Egg & Cheese Bagel (710 cals)

*For those who aren't familiar, the "Big Breakfast with Hotcakes" includes a biscuit, sausage, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and, of course, hotcakes.

18 Fruit & Maple Oatmeal (Not too bad actually)

We have to admit, we didn’t even know that McDonald’s serves oatmeal in the morning, we’re usually too focused on the Sausage and Egg McGriddle. But, they do, and it’s actually a pretty healthy breakfast option. It comes with some fresh red and green apple chunks, raisins and cranberries, and a dash of cream. It’s only 310 calories and is surprisingly filling because of all the complex carbohydrates in it. It even contains 20% of your daily fiber goal! The oatmeal comes with an option of brown sugar, which we regretfully suggest omitting to keep it a low-calorie breakfast.

Big Mac Sauce Fries

Animal Style fries, move out of the way. McDonalds’ world-renowned Big Mac has forfeited its sauce to the crispy golden french fries for an all new eating experience.

Most of the time, they won’t even charge you extra just ask for the Big Mac sauce on the side when you order your fries. I’m not sure why this isn’t on the menu and why this hasn’t replaced ketchup across the world. Either way, it’s a possibility to order and I highly recommend it.

6 Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese (770 Cals)

This behemoth burger, not surprisingly, comes with behemoth calories, too. Featuring two quarter-pound beef patties, as the name implies, they also have two slices of melted cheese, slivered onions, and pickles, all on a sesame seed bun.

If you’re looking to cut calories, you can shave off a few hundred by getting the regular quarter pounder with cheese instead, which is 510 calories. Still pretty high, but your waistline might thank you.

McDonald's Menu Items From Around The World That Will Seriously Surprise You

We're starting to think this Cookies & Cream pie is better than the UK's McDonald's Apple Pie.

The McDonald's menu is a thing of beauty. The McChicken Sandwich, the Big Mac, the McFlurries and, of course, those McNuggets.

But if you've ever been to a McDonald's in another country you may have felt a twinge of jealousy while checking out what's on offer around the world. For example, tell me you're not tempted to buy a plane ticket to Malaysia in 2021 just to try that Cookies & Cream Pie. Or maybe you've spoken to your aunt in India and arranged a special delivery of 20 Veggie Maharaja Macs. Saying that, we could certainly live without the Philippines' McSpaghetti making an appearance in the UK any time soon.

So, we've rounded up the wildest McDonald's menu items from around the world to make you feel even more annoyed that you can't travel right now.

McDonald's Has a New Summer Treat On the Menu

New summer refreshments have landed on the McDonald's menu! The chain is bringing back fan-favorite Blue Raspberry and Pink Lemonade slushies this year, and the lineup will be complete with a brand new slushie flavor: Strawberry Watermelon.

Just like the other two, the newest slushie option is made with real Minute Maid fruit juice and blended to perfection with crushed ice to achieve that signature texture that's part snack part drink. In case you're wondering, the color of this one is a much deeper pink than the light rosy hues of Pink Lemonade—so it's easy to tell them apart.

All slushies are available in small, medium, or large sizes, for $1.79, $2, and $2.29, respectively. The chain is also offering an in-app deal on this latest addition.

But this isn't the only new, refreshing treat you can order alongside your Spicy Chicken Sandwich. You can now also get a Caramel Brownie McFlurry, which launched just yesterday. All of these warm-weather treats are available for a limited time only, so we'll likely have to say goodbye to them at the end of the summer—which means you've no time to waste.

For more on McDonald's, check out McDonald's Is Standing Behind This Decision That's Disappointed Customers, and don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to get the latest restaurant news delivered straight to your inbox.


McDonald’s have a variety of menu items for all the family: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken burgers, chicken, french fries, soft drinks, milkshakes, smoothies, sandwiches, wraps, fish options, salads, fruits, desserts and their world famous breakfast range. Within their breakfast range you can expect a variety of pancakes, sausage, coffee and orange juice. They also frequently have specialty menus which vary from location to location.

This restaurant is certainly a family favorite, with modern, comfortable seating areas. Plus most locations are also able to cater for children’s birthday parties. Whether you’re eating in or heading to the drive through the staff are always friendly, helpful and efficient.

Next time you stop off try their infamous Big Mac, it’s a firm favorite and absolutely delicious, not one to be missed. Or, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous try their specialty Angus Chipotle BBQ Bacon Burger, it’s a delight to the taste buds. This company has held its place as a family favorite by keeping its prices affordable, particularly in comparison to other well-known chains. A meal that includes a burger, french fries and a soft drink is around the $5 mark.

McDonald’s has held its place in the nation’s hearts and stomachs for the past 76 years. While the chain has been criticized for being unhealthy and contributing to the global obesity epidemic they have continued to grow regardless. They have created a solid reputation as a fast food chain that delivers quick, cheap meals that are full of flavor and they deliver on this promise in all of their 36,000 worldwide locations.

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