Creamy black and white dessert cake

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Rub the flour together with the lard and salt until a crumbly dough is formed. Add the sugar, baking powder, egg and a little milk to form a homogeneous dough and good for spreading. The milk can be smoked one at a time so as not to lose more. The resulting dough is divided into three and baked on the back of a tray greased with oil. Bake each sheet for 10 minutes at 150 degrees.

For the cream, mix the flour with 2 tablespoons of the amount of sugar and with the milk that is put on the fire to boil until the composition thickens.

Put a tablespoon of cocoa in a bowl and add half of the boiled cream over the mixture to incorporate all the cocoa in it, then let both creams cool. when the creams have cooled, the amount of butter and sugar is divided in two, thus mixing half of the butter and sugar with the vanilla cream and the other half of the butter and sugar with the cocoa cream.

Fill the sheets of each sheet with a cream, and pour the icing on top, which is prepared like this: mix the powdered sugar with cocoa and the 4 tablespoons of water and mix until well incorporated with each other then add the oil, stirring. continuously until all the oil enters the composition. The resulting icing is placed over the entire cake. Break the white chocolate in a bowl and put it in the microwave for 1 minute until it melts completely and with a teaspoon drip over the sour icing.

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