Heritage Radio’s Latest Podcast is ‘Cereal,’ with Guests Including Mimi Sheraton, Justin Warner

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There’s a new podcast called ‘Cereal,’ and you know exactly what it’s about

If the end of the first season of ‘Serial’ left a void in your life, consider this punny breakfast successor.

In a play on Serial, the podcast spin-off of This American Life, Cereal is the newest podcast from the Heritage Radio Network (HRN).

The new podcast, where “food writers, chefs, comedians, and other lovers of complex carbohydrates take breakfast cereal ridiculously seriously,” is hosted by Ben Robinson, the editorial director of Thrillist.

Guests include Mimi Sheraton, former New York Times restaurant critic and author of the new book 1000 Foods to Eat Before You Die; Justin Warner, chef and owner of Do or Dine and host of Rebel Eats on Food Network; infamous Instagrammer The Fat Jewish; and comedian and author Dave Hill, among others.

The first two episodes, featuring passionate discussions about Golden Grahams with Justin Warner and Grape Nuts with former Gawker and Deadspin Editor-in-Chief, are available on iTunes now.

Cereal airs live on Wednesdays at 5 p.m. EST on the Heritage Radio Network.

On a related note, check out our careful selection of The Best Cereal Pairing for Each Episode of Serial.

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