Bartender, There’s a Whole Egg in My Cocktail

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Little is more salivating than an egg white cocktail.

The frothy head perfectly showcases dashes of bitters or keeps a beautiful garnish afloat. As you sip, the thick, silky foam lifts your cocktail and makes you think, “who was I before this very moment?”

That feeling of bliss, my friend, is but half of the whole.

It’s time to step it up to the full monty: the full egg. Commonly referred to as Flips, whole egg cocktails are a different shake-up. Unlike the egg white, the yolk does add flavor to the drink, a taste with which Eggnog fans are well acquainted. However, Flips shouldn’t be restricted to the holidays. If the words “creamy,” “rich,” “frothy” and “delicious” sound enticing, Flips are the next step in your cocktail wanderings.

Apricot Fizz

Let’s start with something seasonally appropriate, shall we? The Apricot Fizz, taken from the PDT Cocktail Book by Jim Meehan combines (you guessed it) apricot liqueur and cognac with sugar and an egg. After garnishing with some fresh nutmeg, you’ll have a rich winter cocktail ready to snuggle you.

A-go Flip

Don’t like eggnog? Give the A-go Flip a try. With a port and rum base, this cocktail adds egg to this already rich concoction. The dark Demerara syrup adds a deep sweetness while the Angostura adds a slight bite. We would say more but we’re too busy cleaning the drool from our mouths.

Negroni Flip

We know what you’re thinking. Why mess with perfection? The Negroni on its own is already a mighty fine cocktail, but with the addition of a few ingredients, including a full egg, the drink becomes epic. The end result is a cocktail that looks like a creamsicle and tastes like a Negroni milkshake.

The Derby Fizz

If you love Whiskey Sours, you’ll love this cocktail, which throws in only a few more ingredients. The entire egg adds, you guessed it, a creamy touch and the curaçao helps add sweetness. The club soda provides more frothy goodness to the mix. Perfect for the races or at home with friends, the Derby Fizz is a cocktail worth trying on any—or every—special day.

Elephant Flip

Packed with rum, molasses, bitters, bourbon, amaro, salt, beer and more (we’re exhausted here), the Elephant Flip is not for the faint of heart. Created by Christina Rando at Philidelphia’s Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co., this ten-ingredient cocktail is for those of you ready to jump into the deep end.

Notorious F.L.I.P.

The Notorious F.L.I.P. combines Smith and Cross rum with a couple of liqueurs and amaros you may not have in your liquor cabinet. It was originally created in Chicago as a tribute to the late rapper, and the drink’s Amaro and Bonal contribute steeling bitter flavors to the rum’s caramel notes. The result is a sweet, rich, bitter and herbal flavor too good to pour out just for the homies.


As you may have discovered with the A-go Flip, port and rum are a splendid combination. In the Sevilla, you don’t need much else. This cocktail features solely a whole egg and some sugar along with the boozy duo.

Coffee Flip

You’ve been drinking coffee with eggs for years. Next time, combine them. If there’s any word that can describe the Coffee Flip, it’s over-the-top. Espresso and Demerara sugar meet with bourbon for a drink perfect come morningtime. Say hello to your new brunch cocktail.

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