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About Santera Tequila

Founder:Joshua R. Rudy
Distillery Location:Tequila, Jalisco. Mexico
Master Distiller / Blender:Augustin Sanchez

Santera Tequila Essential Facts

Santera Tequila is distilled and bottled in Tequila, Jalisco, the heart of Mexico's blue agave growing and tequila producing region. The creation of Santera Tequila begins with the perfectly matured blue weber agave. The agave plant rises out of the red volcanic soil of the dormant volcano de Tequila, in the northern highlands of Jalisco, holy ground to Jalisco's tequileros. The 10,000-foot volcano last erupted 22,000 years ago,forming the only environment in the world for agave to grow in perfect harmony with the climate and create the lifeblood of Santera Tequila.
Agave piatas (hearts) harvested for Santera are the product of sustainable farming practices resulting in lower yield and higher quality tequila. A slow roasting and extended fermentation of the piñas help to round out the soft and balanced flavors. After distillation, the tequilas undergo a proprietary filtration process, after which Master Distiller Sebastian Melendrez selects optimal development periods for each interpretation. With meticulous attention, he balances the aromas and taste profile. Blanco is unaged; Reposado is aged up to seven months in American oak barrels to achieve complexity and drinkability; and anejo is aged up to 16 months, then blended with a touch of extra anejo to create a rich, brooding and complex tequila.

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