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About Hennessy Cognac

Founder:Richard Hennessy
Year Founded:1765
Distillery Location:Cognac, France
Master Distiller / Blender:Jean Pineau, Master Distiller

Hennessy Cognac Essential Facts

From the French region of Cognac and throughout its over 250-year history, Hennessy has proudly perpetuated an exceptional heritage based on adventure, discovery and cultivating the best that nature and craftmanship can offer.
Hennessy uses a unique distillation method in which each batch of wine is double-distilled to achieve the most flavorful, elegant eaux-de-vie (“water of life”) possible. The eaux-de-vie, of which Hennessy has the largest and oldest collection in the world, is matured in French oak casks from the Limousin forests in central France for a minimum of two years.
For over 200 years, Hennessy has worked side-by-side with the Fillioux family who serve as producers or blenders of eaux-de-vie. The collaboration and shared passion of two families is unique in the Cognac world and is at the heart of Hennessy’s legacy.
Hennessy’s longevity and success reflects the values the brand has upheld since its creation: the transmission of a unique savoir-faire, the constant quest for innovation, and an unwavering commitment to Creation, Excellence, Legacy, and Sustainable Development. Today, these qualities are the hallmark of a House – a crown jewel in the LVMH Group – that crafts the world’s most prestigious cognacs.

How You Should Drink Hennessy Cognac

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