Japanese Convenience Store Cancels Foie Gras Bento

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Family Mart cancels special luxury bento after animal rights complaints

Wikimedia/Luigi Anzivino

Family Mart convenience stores got a mixed response when they announced they would no longer be selling their foie gras bento.

Foie gras is a common sight in luxury restaurants. Sometimes it’s an appetizer, but it even makes appearances inside dumplings or as a burger topping. One does not normally expect to see it in the refrigerated section of one’s local convenience store, and some customers in Japan have lost their opportunity to do so, as a local chain canceled its foie gras promotion amid animal rights complaints.

According to Rocket News 24, the popular Family Mart chain of convenience stores was planning to release a special “FamilyMart Premium Black-Haired Wagyu Hamburger Bento with Foie Gras Pâté” bento box on January 28. The wagyu burger and foie gras box was slated to sell for just 690 yen, or about $6.74, but the company recently released a statement saying the promotion had been canceled since the company had become aware that some customers in Japan and people in other countries objected to the use of foie gras.

While the change will surely please the world’s many animal rights activists and people who are opposed to the production, sale, and consumption of foie gras, not everyone was happy about the change. Some Internet commenters complained that vegetarians were limiting options for non-vegetarians, while others maintained that foie gras production is no more cruel than the production of beef or pork.

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