Sarmalute in vine leaves with ghebe (fasting)

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1. I put the onion, the finely chopped pepper and the carrot put on the large grater, with sunflower oil (a glass). I put a little salt and a lid. I left it until they softened.

2. I thawed the ghebele, rinsed them with cold water, chopped them, squeezed them and put them over the vegetables.

3. Then I added the tomato sauce, parsley, thyme, salt, pepper and chewed. I left it on the fire for another 10 minutes. Then I put the rice, I chewed and I put out the fire. I left the composition to cool. After it cooled I put 3 lg of corn.

4. In a tall pot I put a sprig of dill and thyme on the bottom of the pot and covered with beef leaves. I started to spin the sarmalute and I placed them nicely in the pot. salt, a little sunflower oil and water as much as it contains. I covered the sauerkraut with vine leaves.

5. I put the pot on low heat, almost two hours, until they boiled.

6. Serve hot with hot peppers (or sour cream if you are not fasting). :)

Good appetite!!!!!

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Sarmales in vine leaves are my favorites. The sour taste of the leaves combines perfectly with the other ingredients (at least that's how I feel). If you are of the same opinion, I invite you to make a sausage pan together (about 5 servings).

mixed minced meat (pork and beef) & # 8211 400 gr
rice & # 8211 250 gr
onion & # 8211 1-2 pcs.
carrots & # 8211 2-3 pcs.
celery & # 8211 1 strain
tomato paste & # 8211 3-4 tablespoons
tomato juice (broth) & # 8211 250 ml
young vine leaves
salt pepper
oil & # 8211 5-6 tablespoons

Wash the rice well, boil it with boiling water and cover it with a lid. In the meantime, we take care of the vegetables. We clean and chop the onion and the carrot, we cut the celery stalk into rounds. Heat all the vegetables in a few tablespoons of oil.

Add the minced meat and mix well until the meat changes color, salt and pepper. Simmer for another 10 minutes, then add the tomato paste and let it cook for another 10 minutes.

Let it cool and take care of the vine leaves & # 8211 we wash them very well and scald them with boiling water. In 5-10 minutes we drain the water.
Drain the rice from the water and mix it with the meat filling. We also add salt and pepper.
Now we take a beef leaf and put a teaspoon of rice with meat on it, we roll the leaf, giving the sarmales a rounded or triangular shape (I choose the second option).

We arrange the sarmale layers in a pan, the bottom of which we covered with cabbage leaves or with the same vine leaves. After making all the sarmales, mix 250 ml of tomato juice with water and a little salt and pour over the sarmales to cover them.

Put the pan on medium-high heat until it boils, then make a low heat and cook for another 1 hour.
I'm waiting for comments! How are sarmalutes made in your area?
Enjoy your meal!


We are in Lent and because we had time last week, on Thursday we made these fasting sarmalute, slightly sweet and very tasty.

I don't weigh exactly the ingredients. I always put them after my eyes.

parsley root
rice about 100 gr
2 lg malai
2 lg gray
tomatoes (I canned)
green parsley and dill
salt, pepper and other spices if you wish

1. Chop the onion, grate the roots (parsnip, parsley root, carrot)

after 3-4 minutes add the roots, leave for another 5 minutes then put the composition to cool.

3. Separately, heat the mushrooms then add to the above composition.

4. After the whole mixture cools, add the greens, rice, corn, semolina, spices and tomatoes.

Grandmother's recipe, traditional & # 8211 Vine leaves for cabbage rolls

1. For starters, we wash the vine leaves.

2. Using a knife, remove the tails.

3. We place the leaves in a bowl. Pour 800 ml of water and add salt. Leave the leaves in the saline solution for 30 minutes.

4. Place the leaves in a bowl of hot water.

5. Add 1-2 tablespoons of salt.

6. We overlap 3 leaves and form a roll. Do the same with the remaining leaves.

7. We place the rolls in jars.

8. Pour the hot brine and close the jars tightly. Leave in a cool place for 2-3 weeks.

Fasting sarmale

Put 3-4 tablespoons of vegetable oil in a saucepan and cook the chopped onion. Add a pinch of salt and cook for 3 minutes over medium heat.

Wash, clean and put on the small grater 2 carrots. Add the grated carrots over the hardened onions.

Stir and cook for 4-5 minutes, until the carrot softens.

Cut suitable pieces 1.5 Kg of mushrooms and add them to the pot over the soft vegetables.

Stir and cook the mushrooms until they reduce in volume and liquid.

Add 200 g of round grain rice washed well in cold water, 100 g of tomato paste, paprika, freshly ground pepper, salt, dried thyme.

Then add 300 ml of hot water.

Mix all the ingredients, put the lid on and cook for 7 minutes over medium heat (half the cooking time of the rice, specified on the package).

Remove the lid, mix and add a bunch of freshly chopped parsley and a bunch of freshly chopped dill.

Stir, turn off the heat and allow the composition to cool.

Prepare the sauerkraut sheets, cutting the sheet in half, removing the spine.

On each Half of cabbage leaf, put a teaspoon of mushroom composition, then wrap the composition by tight rolling, sealing the ends.

Do the same with the vine leaves.

In a baking dish, preferably with a lid, place a bed of finely chopped cabbage (to prevent the sarmalute from burning in the oven).

Place the sachets as desired, next to each other.

Add 500 ml of tomato juice, 3-4 bay leaves and a few sprigs of thyme over the cabbage rolls.

Cover everything with sauerkraut leaves.

Put the lid on and put the pot in the preheated oven at 190 degrees for 2 hours. Remove the pan from the oven, remove the lid and put it back in for 180 hours at 180 degrees. Remove the bowl from the oven, let it cool for half an hour and then remove the cabbage leaves, bay leaves and thyme sprigs.

Serve with polenta and hot peppers.

Recipe video SARMALE DE POST lower:

Varieties in rice vine leaves (fasting)

1. In a hot frying pan with oil, fry the finely chopped mushrooms, onion, carrots and rice. Stir gently so that it does not stick to the bowl and simmer until all the water in the pan disappears and cover everything with a thin layer of oil. Quench with half a cup of water and simmer until all the sauce is absorbed.

2. When it cools down a bit, add the chopped green parsley and 2-3 tablespoons of tomato juice. Then fill the vine leaves with a tablespoon of the rice composition and roll the sarmales. Place in a saucepan with a thicker bottom, greased with a little oil. Sprinkle with finely chopped dill, cover with water and the rest of the tomato juice and simmer for 50-55 minutes.

3. When the sauce starts to drop, add a few slices of lemon, cover the pan with a lid and continue to boil.

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Sarmale in beef leaves

In a large bowl, mix the minced meat with finely chopped onion, grated carrot, egg, spices, finely chopped greens and a tablespoon of broth. Wash the rice well and add it to the bowl. Add a cup of water, because it will homogenize the mixture and make it soft. The softer it is, the faster it boils. If you do not put water, the sarmales will come out strong. Mix well.

Scald the vine leaves well. Then we put a little meat on each leaf and roll the sarmaluta.

In a deep pan greased with a little oil, place beef leaves on the edges of the bowl, then the surrounding sarmalute, and finally leave a place in the middle that we fill with 2 tablespoons of broth dissolved in water. Cover with water, so that we have a free space of 3 fingers above the sarmales. Put on the stove, on the right heat until it boils well (for about 1 hour-1 hour and 30 minutes). Quantity obtained: approx. 48 sarmalute.
Serve with sour cream.

Method of preparation

Sarmalute in beef leaves (fasting)

- Finely chop the mushrooms - Carrot the carrot through a small grater - Finely chop the onion -

Sarmalute with soy and mushrooms in beef (fasting)

Soak the soy cubes in 350-400 ml boiling water with sarmale spices, or

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