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WHEAT: Beat the egg whites with water and salt powder, add the sugar and mix until they become a meringue. Add the rubbed yolks with the oil, mix well, add the ground walnuts, and finally the flour mixed with the baking powder.

Put it in a tray with a diameter of 26 cm greased with butter and put it in the preheated oven on the right heat for about 35-40 minutes. After baking, take it out on the grill to cool, then cut it in half.

SYRUP: the water with the sugar is put on the fire, until the sugar melts and the rum essence is added, it is left to cool.

CREAM: break the chocolate and mix with 150 ml of liquid cream, put it on the fire until it melts, then leave it to cool and put it in the fridge for another 30 minutes. The rest of the whipped cream is beaten and mixed with melted chocolate.

GLAZE: whipped cream

The countertop parts are syruped and assembled as follows: countertop, chocolate mousse, countertop and whipped cream.

Crispy with vanilla cream, cream, fruit and compote

I wrapped the cake in a layer of cream and I got it. Which coconut cream is good, how much sugar is added, what are the secrets. Rolled cake with walnuts and coconut.

Blog Recipes Culinary appetite. Prepare the cream: Let the white chocolate melt with the butter and liquid cream, add the egg yolk, milk and vanilla sugar, walnuts. Bon appetit with Gina Bradea MASCARPONE CREAM WITH COCONUT & # 8211 Recipes.

Crispy with vanilla cream, cream, compote fruit and coconut.

Walnut and mascarpone cream cake recipe

Tasty recipes for festive cakes with chocolate, cream, fruit, caramel, nuts and apples for the winter holidays. Coca Cola Cake, Better Than Any Other Homemade Cake & # 8211 For Her. Cake recipe with mascarpone and walnuts. Top ingredients: 4 eggs, 10 tablespoons sugar, 12 tablespoons coca cola, 200 gr. Chocolate and mascarpone cake & # 8211 the simplest recipe.

Simple chocolate cake recipe with. Explore the & bdquo jamila & rdquo panel created by badrianaioana on Pinterest. Oreo cake with mascarpone, without quick baking recipe, step by step. Lulu cake with chocolate and mascarpone and caramel cream, video recipe. Oreo biscuits 10 small packets (66 g pack), 3-4 tablespoons melted butter, 250 ml liquid cream, 550 gr mascarpone cream cheese, 3. Ricette Di Torte, Ricette Di Dolci. Put the sheets alternately and grease with mascarpone cream. Melt the white chocolate on a steam bath, then. Negresa with mascarpone and chocolate & # 8211 Recipes by. I made the cake, it turned out great.

I used LaDorna cream and dark chocolate.

Cake with GREEN WALNUT jam

Does anyone know the recipe for this cake?
I bought food from Ana Pan, and it's bestial.
It contains the following: white top well syruped with green walnut jam syrup, vanilla cream with whipped cream and krantz, white chocolate mousse and green walnut jam.

# 2 Bogdana

# 3 droopina

It would be nice if you put the recipe (maybe even in the pictures), because I guess there are many girls interested

Life sucks and then you die & # 33 Damn right & # 33

# 4 Tam

Well, I'm looking for the recipe too.
I'm not a specialist in sweets, so I don't really know how to improvise or adapt quantities.

But I found some pictures on the confectionery website.

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# 5 Bogdana

Does anyone know the recipe for this cake?
I bought food from Ana Pan, and it's bestial.
It contains the following: white top well syruped with green walnut jam syrup, vanilla cream with whipped cream and krantz, white chocolate mousse and green walnut jam.

Well, you make a white countertop from 8 eggs, you syrup it with & quotsirop of green walnut jam & quot, although I wouldn't do it with that, or with what you want
then you make the vanilla cream either from the creamsnit or from the envelope, which you want, which you mix with whipped cream, you also make krantz, if you don't know how I tell you, you put them in the order you like, green walnut jam you put it in as you like and the white chocolate mousse on top, at least I guess so but you can put them as you like

Simona Callas

I prepared two stove trays and in each of them I had 3 countertops. In the electric oven, both trays can be baked at once, and that's exactly what I did.

Because I had some meringue left, I put it in an ornament bag and formed some meringues, in addition to the tops in the trays. I used these meringues to decorate the cake. www.simonacallas.com

If you can't bake all the tops at once, put only the meringue and walnuts on the baking tops and keep the rest of the biscuit tops and meringue in the fridge.

Bake the tops for 5 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius (to bake the biscuit) then lower the oven temperature to 140 degrees and continue baking until the meringue dries (about 40 minutes - you can open the oven and check). www.simonacallas.com After baking the tops, leave to cool in the oven, with the door ajar (so as not to & # 8222include & # 8221 the biscuit).

Cream preparation Marquise cake with meringue and walnut by Simona Callas

The instant coffee is dissolved in 2 tablespoons of hot water. Cocoa also dissolves in 2 tablespoons of hot water. www.simonacallas.com

Butter rubs foam. Add condensed milk, mixing further, then instant coffee and cocoa. A delicious and silky cream is obtained.

Chocolate cake with cherries and mascarpone

Discover the recipe for Lidl Kitchen Mascarpone and Chocolate Cake. Enter to see the list of ingredients and preparation instructions! And I combined some of the ingredients that I really like, namely chocolate, cherries and mascarpone. Of course, the cake that came out could only be. Mascarpone cream with coffee, an extremely simple and quick recipe but very fine and. CHOCOLATE CREAM WITH MASCARPONE Food Drinks, Cakes With.

I overcame my fear, I made my first cake, it was the cake for this year's New Year's Eve, it turned out well, at least that's how the legend goes. Ingredients (760g cream, for 22.5 cm cake): 500 g mascarpone 180 g chocolate (minimum 40% cocoa) 80 g powdered sugar (optional). Fluffy chocolate syrup top and plenty of mascarpone, nutella and snickers cream. A delicious new recipe or… a cake with lots of fruit, diplomat cream with mascarpone and a special fluffy chocolate top, or another kind of cake.

I made the cake, it turned out great. I used LaDorna cream and dark chocolate.

Peach mousse cake

  • For starters we prepare the top as follows:
    rub the yolks well with the sugar, add the beaten egg whites,
    then gradually flour mixed with baking powder and walnuts, mixing gently with a spoon.

Beat the egg whites and mix them with the cold yolks
and with gelatin dissolved in peach syrup.

Put all the ingredients in a small pot and simmer.
stirring constantly, until it acquires the consistency of a cream.
The glaze should not be boiled too much because it becomes bitter.

Walnut Cake And Condensed Milk

Walnut and condensed milk cake. Unbaked cake with crumbs or breadcrumbs. This wonderful homemade cake consists of a countertop with dense cocoa like blackberry, a condensed milk cream and chocolate and another chocolate ganache cream. Serve marlenka cake with caramel cream condensed milk nut and leaves with honey. This cake with walnuts and condensed milk embodies the culmination of my work of the 12 years that my blog has recently completed and is dedicated to you with all the love you dear people.

It is sweet but only enough to have a top full of fluffy and moist cocoa at the same time. The orange aroma completes and makes it only good to eat during the holidays and Christmas. The biscuit cake I first pulled out the main ingredients. It has two delicious and delicate creams.

Walnuts are in power. Potato cake recipe with biscuits and condensed milk. One full of chocolate and the other combines whipped cream and cream cheese. This cake with chocolate and condensed milk is really wonderful.

The condensed milk and orange cake is extremely fragrant and the walnuts in combination with the condensed milk are perfect. It's time to cut the homemade marlenka cake. The week of passions has started, so we are slowly starting the preparations for pasta with simple recipes. I started with a train cake for my little bogdi in 2007 and today I reached 1406 culinary and non-culinary posts.

Biscuits with condensed milk and chocolate. 0 2 fat about ca. Chelcea maria daniela on cake with cottage cheese and raisins good teo. We made one and we really liked the ingredients for the countertop6 eggs250 g powdered sugar1 packet vanilla sugar200g walnut kernel6 tablespoons breadcrumbs1 2 packet baking powder1 wafer sheet for cream1 box condensed milk 400 ml 250 g and for decoration100 g chocolate.

The cake with walnuts and condensed milk cream I ventured again to try a cake from the magazine this time loaded with more experience and confidence in making successful changes. I cut 4 cm wide strips which I divided into 4 pieces each 4 x 5 cm. A cheap cake that could be found in the confectionery and was made from biscuits, leftover cakes and creams. Fortunately, all that was needed was to go to the quantities and not to the ingredients to make the maya exclaim, it looks exactly like in the picture and I will fill it all up.

14 04 2014 by teo 23 comments. The layers of sheets and cream are clearly visible. Both creams are enriched with condensed milk. The potato cake can be shaped and spherical for cake pops.

Biscuits condensed and sweetened milk and bottle of marsala received from ciprian tartaru thank you very much you made me I found a fine and extremely simple cream made from Greek yogurt and cottage cheese.

Diploma cake with chocolate recipe

Our holiday cake was often a fruitful diplomat, delicious and definitely. Chocolate pudding with pecans. The cream is full of chocolate, and the most beautiful part, which makes this white-topped chocolate cake even better, is that it is made very, very.

Tort Trio De Ciocolata & # 8211 Cc eng sub & # 8211 Jamilacuisine Köstliche Desserts, Sweets. Marlenka Cake with Walnut and Caramel (CC Eng Sub) New Recipes, Cookie Recipes. The recipe for gluten-free chocolate cookies is great for those. The diplomat roll recipe with lemon is a fine and fragrant dessert, preferred by. Especially Cipi, who loves it. No wonder, this diplomat fruit cake is one of the best. Pingback: White chocolate cream & # 8211 White chocolate ganache & # 8211 Sweets all kinds. Schwarzwald cake with cherries, chocolate and cream. Nutella Recipes, Sweets Recipes. On August 22, I turned 28.

This chocolate trio cake was the star of my birthday. In the cake with raspberries and white chocolate mousse a fine cake with raspberries and white chocolate mousse.

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Rye biscuits with raisins

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120 comments on the & quotSweet Sin & Cake

what oven do you have electric or c = usual

For me, the electric one is the usual one, for years, but at the time I published this recipe I had a gas oven.

A holiday cake! Thanks for the wonderful recipe :)

I made this cake about a month ago. But I tried strawberries instead of cherries and it turned out very good.
Now I'd like to make a cake for my boy's birthday, and I'd like to ask you something.
What do you think if I put a layer of bitter cherry jam between the layers of cream? I was thinking of putting them in the mixer and making a paste for them, possibly mixing it with starch and gelatin. Or without starch, only with gelatin.
I want to make a normal vanilla top so I can cut it in three, and syrup it with a syrup of water and sugar with a fruit liqueur, possibly.
I'm waiting for advice from you.
With thanks,

I think it would work, why not? After all, it's a completely different recipe, you can put whatever you want.

Hi! I want to make this cake too and I wanted to ask you where it is better to keep it because & # 8222sin & # 8221 in two days :) I ask you because I know that meringue is best kept in a dry place, no the fridge! Thanks!

Ane, you can keep the cake in the fridge, it's still a cream cake, we aim to protect the cream from spoilage, not to keep the meringue dry. I would recommend, however, that the cake be prepared closer to the time of tasting.

At Christmas I will make a cake or a cake from you, Laura: dobos cake or this cake, I'll see, it's just banatana and io, so happy and tasty holidays like at home mom!

I made it and I will prepare it for Christmas, it is delicious.

it is indeed a sweet sin :)

It looks very good, I hope it is also delicious.

It looks very good, and of course it is very delicious in appearance

in which tray did you bake the tops? stove tray or smaller?

It is not complicated at all and a divine taste.

In the end I managed to do it too, only instead of cherries I used raspberries & it turned out super, super good !!

an idea for the remaining yolks?

I have an electric oven can I put the countertop to the ventilation program and at 150 degrees?

Looks very good. Now I'm starting to do it. I hope it turns out just as tasty.
Couldn't you add the rubbed yolks with sugar to the sour cream?
A good day!

It's a very, very tasty cake. Yes, you could add the yolks.

The cake looks very good. Bravo. But I also have a question. Starch can be replaced with something else. I'm in Italy, and I don't know if they have something like that. Thank you.

Hi, Crina, I don't think corn is starchy in Italy. It's called cornstarch in Italian. If you still can't find it, replace it with flour, only the jelly won't be as fine and transparent.

I also tried the recipe. The cake looks very good but unfortunately it was not to my taste. I thought it was too sweet, especially the cream with 220 grams of sugar, and it seemed too much butter in the cream. I think you can make a cream with the 8 yolks that remain on the counter so that it is not so fat because of the butter.

I made the cake too! and to my surprise it came out: I am a left-handed person in the cake business, but also because you explained the recipe well, it turned out great for me, just like in the picture! thanks!

I'm very happy, Mihaela. Did you taste it? :) You're welcome!

I made the cake too! and to my surprise it came out: I am a left-handed person in the cake business, but also because you explained the recipe well, it turned out great for me, just like in the picture! thanks!

I made the cake too! and to my surprise it came out: I am a left-handed person in the cake business, but also because you explained the recipe well, it turned out great for me, just like in the picture! thanks!

I made the cake too! and to my surprise it came out: I am a left-handed person in the cake business, but also because you explained the recipe well, it turned out great for me, just like in the picture! thanks!

I made the cake too! and to my surprise it came out: I am a left-handed person in the cake business, but also because you explained the recipe well, it turned out great for me, just like in the picture! thanks!

I made the cake too! and to my surprise it came out: I am a left-handed person in the cake business, but also because you explained the recipe well, it turned out great for me, just like in the picture! thanks!

Good evening, I tried this cake today, it tastes great. However, the cream came out a bit soft, what was the reason?

Hi Laura, now I'm making this good frying but I think the butter cream was cut. How do I fix it? Do you have any ideea? Thanks, Diana

perfect icing: 3 tablespoons microwave heated oil (in a cup) and 200gr chocolate pieces mix well and pour over the sheets, then do the same with the white one but in half the quantities, put the white one in a bag and cut it in the corner a little and draw horizontal lines over the brown glaze, then with the knife gently draw vartical lines over the white ones, down one turn and between them pull back up with the knife and the beautiful joints will be made.

Laura, I would like to try this cake too, only here where I am there are no cherries, not even in compote, can I use strawberries? Thanks it looks very appetizing

what can I use instead of starch? someone told me i can use flour but it doesn't come out as good cake & # 8230. is there any difference? thanks!

You can use flour, only the jelly will look more cloudy. I think that at any sueprmarket you can find the gustin, cornstarch preparation for cakes from Dr. Oetker. It is 100% efficient and neutral in taste.

you have some phenomenal recipes :)

Thanks, I'm waiting for you to read them (and even try them).

absolutely & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230..wonderfully sweet and beautiful.
looks great.
if it all looks like this, I'll die of lust.

It looks even better: P, but I hope you survive and start trying the recipes too :)!

It looks very appetizing, Yummy, yummy & # 8230 & # 8230I can't wait to do it too .. (I'm enjoying it from now on in my mind) & # 8230..Dear Laura can you tell me, please, what size are the trays?

Laura, I've been making this countertop for years without food starch from 10 egg whites, 300g sugar, 300g ground walnuts. With the yolks (to which I add a whole egg) I make a boiled cream together with 300g of sugar, 2 tablespoons of cocoa, an envelope of vanilla sugar, and when it is almost cold I put 250g of butter rubbed with foam. I put cream and fish not only in the middle and bale with ground walnuts. Try this option and tell me if you like it. We like it very much. I'm thinking of putting cherries to change something. Many kisses!

Undoubtedly, your version is very good and it seems very similar to the recipe I posted for the sumegi cake. My mother makes something similar, meringue leaves with walnuts and cream from boiled egg yolks and butter, flavored with ness. Top with ground walnuts. I forgot what she calls the cake, but it's good, very good! Kiss you!

:)) Well, that's why man falls, unfortunately, because they are tempting and sweet! And we & # 8230 people are! : P

a bit complicated for a candy eater better & # 8222cersesc & # 8222and I a few pieces of cake :)) off and swallow dry :))

:) Believe me, Raducu, this cake is a bad sin and is well worth the effort.

Hello! I am Julian and I am delighted to read EVERYTHING here. If necessary, I will look in my mother's notebook for an extremely simple recipe for. white glaze. succeeds guaranteed. we got it from someone in the banat, and when he offered it to us, we were amazed at how banal it was.

I'm on a diet and moooor when I see these recipes

God, how good does it look? I'm going to do it for Pentecost, too. I eat at least a piece & # 8230 or two & # 8230: & # 8221 & gt

God, it only rained in my mouth when I read this recipe.
It's a real & # 8222PACAT & # 8221.
I'll prepare it as soon as possible. Good luck with that .

Where are the yolks placed? We are left with 8! I've made the cake before and it's wonderful. That's why I decided to do it again and I will always do it! Thanks!

I know? You can make a cake with the yolks, for example, or you can
add some (or even all) to the cream, rubbed with sugar, but you will
the result is a yellow cream. In general, I make this cake for certain people
festive occasions, when I make others in which I can incorporate the yolks
or from the egg whites kept in the freezer, left over from mayonnaise,
cozonaci etc.

I also made this cake. Dementia came out & # 8230My husband couldn't stop eating & # 8230but I couldn't bear to waste the yolks and I put them in the cream & # 8230I came out soft & # 8230 I think that's why he cut it f hard and not so good looking, but the taste & # 8230. I plan not to give up and repeat it for Christmas, but I respect the recipe! Claudia from Cluj

The oven door is kept open during the baking period. Thanks! From the pictures it looks like a demented cake. Paste & # 8230

Dear Claudia, the cake is, as you said, insane. About
baking countertops, when I made this cake I had a simple oven,
with gas, so I set it at 150 degrees (which was not so much as it would be
I should not have been able to measure the exact temperature) and I put a
wooden spoon in the oven door, preventing it from closing completely. I say
like if you bake the countertops in a 140 degree ventilated electric oven
you no longer have to keep the door open. Good luck!

laura with strawberries can be made here in spain no cherries are found :)) kisses

I think it's very good with strawberries, why not? :) Thank you for visiting.

I also think it can be done with strawberries I haven't tried yet but it's on the kiss list :))

I am waiting for you with impressions, when and if it will be! :)

the cake looks good to me, the flour can't replace the starch, I only make cakes with flour.

Dear Laura, thank you for the recipes so successful that you pamper us. The secret of the white chocolate icing is to heat the sour cream first (it is easiest in the microwave) and then add the chocolate. Stir carefully after it has started to melt, so as not to incorporate too much air. I hope these details will it helps.
Also, if you want a very fine decoration made of milk chocolate, instead of a baking syringe, use a cone made of parchment paper, which you cut at the top. The less you cut, the finer the thread will be. chocolate. In addition, you have more control when using the paper cone.

super cake you have wonderful recipes I made some of them thank you so much

Good luck, I'm glad you liked it!

I can put frozen fruits if I thaw them

wow, wow, wow! we did it! it's a dream & # 8230..so yes you invented such a wonder you are a genius! we liked it so much & # 8230.thank you!

Geta dear, I'm glad :) :)! You're welcome!

I like this way of posting comments, it's much simpler. Thanks!

That's why I opted for this comment form, it gives visitors the opportunity to log in from several recipes and you can give direct answers to a specific comment, I say it's very nice. :) Glad you like.

Hi! I bought frozen strawberries because I'm afraid that my cherries are preserved with sugar only or hardened a little and I don't think the jelly comes out with them. can I replace the walnut with the coconut one, my husband is not allowed the walnut. thanks for the quick answer! I'm starting now & # 8230.

Geta, I think it can be replaced with coconut, why not? I hope it will be a success, I have not tried this cake with strawberries or coconut, but logic would say that it has no reason not to succeed. I wish you luck.

Geta, of course they're good, why not? You can also use cherry juice instead of water. Success!

Hi Laura! I would like to make this cake tomorrow but I only have cherries preserved in a jar. Are they good? Thank you! Have a blessed day.

Elena-Raluca, I'm very glad you like it, I think it's a very nice combination with berries. Of course, glaze is not mandatory and indeed, it is a matter of luck to find a white chocolate that behaves well. May your cake be good and thank you for your appreciation!

Today I tried this "sin". I did not find cherries and I replaced them with berries. The result was super fresh. I was afraid to try the white chocolate icing (I don't know if it doesn't crack) and I covered it with a thin start of cream and ground walnuts.
A 10+ grade fry!

I recently discovered a perfect recipe for icing: 100g. milk chocolate mixed with 3 tablespoons milk, a cube of butter, 2 tablespoons of sugar boil on high heat until thickened. Cover the cake when this icing is warm.

Thanks for the explanation, I was very confused with ammonium and starch, here I find cornstarch everywhere and it even indicates on the box that it is used in many recipes with countertops (it replaces totally or partially flour) and it is also used in sauces or creams of all types because does not alter the taste and gives the desired consistency. Next time I will use it in meringue, but as I did now with ammonium really in the oven it increased nicely but in the end when it dried it decreased, they came out like yours although I kept them in my oven for more than an hour to dry (it's so slow).
I run to the kitchen quickly because your braided cake is coming, I've only dreamed of it for a week, and tomorrow the goodness of the belly soup I made in the summer and & # 8230 madness & # 8230 a big pot was eaten on the same day (and it's just me and my husband in the house) so you can imagine & # 8230
These holidays are very hardworking and it's only your & quotvina & quot) that you make me salivate with the recipes and the pictures you take and as I am a lustful I don't give up until I get out.
Happy Holidays to the whole family!

Dear Paula, I'm very glad it turned out good, although, indeed, you had some adventures. Know that food ammonium is not starch (cornstarch yes, that's starch). Food ammonium is ammonium bicarbonate, a loosening agent, ie a powder used to grow dough. Using this powder gives wonderful results in certain doughs that contain flour, implicitly & # 8230 starch, but your meringue is certain that it did not contain such a thing :). It's not bad, the important thing is that you got a good cake, I'm convinced that the taste was the same and maybe the sheets were more airy, they swelled, they grew more? That could only be because of the ammonium bicarbonate. To sin sweet many times over, my dear! :)

Hi Laura, I am "quotnoua" on your blog in the sense that it is the first time I write to you, although I have been your favorite for a few months and I have already made different recipes that I found extraordinarily tasty. I wanted to congratulate you for this recipe which I just did and I have no words to describe it. I had some problems with the starch (I put a sachet of Dr Oetker of food ammonium in meringue & # 8211 I guess it's the same) and in the milk cream I put cornstarch (Cornstarch here where I am in Spain) and everything turned out delicious! I will repeat it whenever I feel like sinning so sweetly!
Thank you very much!

It looks very good and I think it is good, I will try it tomorrow. Everything you do I see that it works well for you, I gladly follow your recipes and I remember the beautiful days at home. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO THE WHOLE FAMILY. LUIZA CALIN MADRID

An exceptional and generous man. The fact that you share with us shows this abundantly. Cream with chocolate icing, walnuts, cherries, jelly & # 8230. It's good that you don't laugh at others, writing recipes with 1/2 egg, 33 g butter, a teaspoon of flour and 7 g cocoa, from which comes a cake that is cut into 3.

I also made this cake miracle today & # 8230really tasty & # 8230 thank you from the bottom of my heart for the recipe & # 8230 it turned out phenomenal & # 8230 you wish me good health and to continue to delight our eyes and senses with your skill & # 8230a pleasant day: *

Ramona loves, first of all, happy birthday to the strong Radu, to grow up and make you very happy! I am very glad that you tried this cake, according to my taste, it is the best I have ever made. I was amused when I read your adventures, I also have a special talent to get into all sorts of messes! :)) I think the result was even more appreciated :). You're welcome!

Dear Madam, I "sinned sweetly" for the birthday of my son Radu, who turned 2 years old. Something came out that I have no words for. I impressed everyone. I also had adventures and I still didn't give up. The butter cream was cut, I went to buy other ingredients, I couldn't pay with the card, I went home to get money and I finally finished it. Something and VIS. I will repeat it at Easter. I'm curious if I'll have any more surprises. It would be another problem, I didn't have an electric knife. But I like it too much to give up. But I forgot to tell you that it is not the only recipe from you that I tried. I tried the Martyrs, the Baker's Horns, the Banat Pie from the village and the wonders came out. Thank you, Lady, for what you share with us. Oh, but I didn't show up, I'm the mother of two boys from Tg. Mures and my name is Ramona I hug you dearly.

Talita & # 8211 no, I don & # 8217t want to kill anybody! :)) I only want to tempt you with a piece of cake! :))

Chef maniac & # 8211 leave & # 8217 that you don't let yourself down either! : P

The tear & # 8211 in English is called starch & # 8222starch & # 8221. Asking for cornstarch, it coagulates better than wheat or potato starch.

Anztu & # 8217 & # 8211 thanks for the feedback! I'm still waiting for you, on me, one, the madness doesn't leave me easily: P!

Hi Laura! Superb combination of this cake and I congratulate you for your patience and creativity. I offer you with admiration and much love & # 8222CREATIVITY AWARD & # 8221 which I invite you to pick up from my blog. Have a good week and enjoy the culinary madness!

Hi, Laura. Give me an email on [email protected] because I want to do an interview with you pls / They are beautiful questions. I inaugurated with Teo the column & # 8222Cooker interviews & # 8221. I couldn't find the email in your profile, thank you

Oh, Laura !! You wanna trying to kill all of us.
This looks so yummy! I & # 8217m almost biting my screen!

Laura, only wonderful people know how to do it!

dear Laura wonderful cake but when I saw that it is with starch I'm sorry I never used it here I don't know what it's called in English maybe I'll do it in the future. kisses from the Tear

eeee laura, I still want to drive you so crazy :))) if you do such good things we won't be upset :))) ..

Laurels dear, thank you for visiting, I'm so glad you like the cake & # 8211 you know it was us-bu-ni-e! Kiss you!

Oh, Laura, what are you doing to me? I love cream cakes and yours looks DIVINE. A more perfect name than this does not exist !! Magnificent cake my dear !! Kisses !!

Raluca Octavia & # 8211 of metempsychosis I also remember, on the other hand & # 8230 how did you tell her? palingenesis & # 8230hm, hard, dom & # 8217le, hard at all! May I not know what it would have been like if I had reincarnated or will reincarnate, but I know for sure that in this life I have given him enough meat, enough to prosper and increase & # 8211 to be too increase, I would say! =)) that it is a sin, that it is not? Who knows, but how good I am for the sin of greed & # 8230o, Lord! Da’ gata, am zis, de saptamana viitoare ma las (si uite cum am mai comis un pacat, al minciunii :))).

Nana – hai ca sunt curioasa de impresile tale! Kiss you!

Alison – multumesc mult si te mai astept, draga mea!

Ninia, abia astept impresiile tale – e mai migaloasa prajitura dar merita tot efortul!

Marcelas S. -ti multumesc mult pentru vizita si aprecieri si te mai astept!

Stii ca omul are mai multe reincarnari.(Ha,Ha,mi-am adus aminte de doua chestii de demult, de la filosofie,legate de raincarnare:metempsihoza si palingeneza. Cata chinuiala,mai bine ne filosofa despre lucruri importante: ciorbita, supica, coltunasi, praji, torturi…Astea conteaza dupa. ).
Cred ca tu ai avut mai multe reincarnari,ai fost si Prajitura, si Somon in crusta…si maestru bucatar francez Cordon Bleu (asta pentru ca stii istoria denumirii si nu-ti bagi limba dupa dinti ca sa pronunti Gordon).

asta da praji „păcătoasă”. te felicit . am sa cad în ispita păcatului şi sigur o să o încerc.

duuuulce de tot „pacatul” tau,felicitari!

mi-nu-na-ta prajitura… eu sunt la regim de o saptamana! salivez la bunatatea asta!

Doamneeee ce mi-ai facut ! M-au luat poftele in noapte :p deci se va pune in aplicare urgent :) multzam mult ! bravo super reteta !

F. buna prajiturica. Arata minunat. O saptamana placuta in continuare. Many kisses.

Doru, iti pumnii si abia astept sa vii cu impresii!

Raluca-Octavia – m-ai facut sa rad cu hohote! :)) asa zici, „trece muntii si se ia”? :)) In acest caz, draga mea, probabil ca pe maine dimineata, avand noaptea drept sfatuitor, o sa vii deja cu impresii depsre aceasta „prajitura irezistibila si tentanta ca mine” :P. hai sa iti spun ceva: fratele meu mi-a spus intr-o zi „Eu cred ca in alta viata am fost un bucatar englez” , iar eu i-am raspuns „Da? Eu cred ca in alta viata am fost un tort!” – asa ca…

Laura, cred că băieţii mei vor aprecia această „plăcintă” :))… duminică. Ţine-mi pumnii.

Nu e nici o nebunie, sau daca e,trece muntii si se ia.Stii cum e sa manance doi oameni o tava intreaga de spirale cu mere la 2 noaptea?
Si doar n-o sa-ti vina ideile ziua, „noaptea e un sfetnic bun”.
Si da, praji e la fel de „tentanta si irezistibila ca si tine”.VEzi cate sensuri are limba romana?

Antzu’ – este ca m-am tzacanit? :))) Altfel cum sa-l numesti pe omul pe care-l apuca, in prag de seara, sa comita asemenea nebunie? : P

mama mia:)))Ce-ai facut aici?mmmmmmm….deja simt gustul acelor combinatii nebune. DD::D:D


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