Put on the bottle with potatoes and quince in the oven

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A chicken of about 2 kg, spices: salt, pepper, paprika, hot, delicate, parsley, garlic, oil. Mix all these ingredients and grease the chicken well on all sides, then fix it on a bottle that fits in the oven, filled with water!

Put the chicken in a pan and bake for about an hour! Now add the potatoes and quince cubes in the juice formed, add a little more water, season the same and put back in the oven for about 1/2 hour or more until nicely browned!

Cooking secrets from Jamie Oliver's kitchen

1 . Aged bread can be easily refreshed if you add to the paper bag in which a deposit a fresh piece of celery.

2. Burnt rice or stuck to the bottom of the tray can get an unpleasant taste. To get rid of the smoky taste, place slices of white bread on top of the rice and leave them for about 10 minutes to absorb the unpleasant aroma.

3. If soup or sauce which you have prepared is too greasy and greasy, you can more easily gather the fat from above with the help of an ice cube. It attracts fat around it, and you can gather it with a special palette.

4. If you missed too much salt in food, quickly cleans a potato, wash it and add it to the pan. Let it cook for about 20 minutes, until it absorbs the excess salt.

5. Unconsumed wine glass can be stored in the freezer in the form of ice cubes. These can be successfully added to sauces or soups, for more flavor.

6. No matter what you cook, if you have to add water along the way, make sure it is always hot. The water added along the way must be brought to the same boiling temperature as the preparation. Otherwise, cold water it will stop the thermal process and it will take longer until the food is ready.

7. Nobody likes to wait until the ingredients dry after washing to be used. This is also the case lettuce leaves. If you want to drain the water from the lettuce leaves more easily, put them in a towel clean, tighten it at the ends and shake it well a few times. The towel will quickly absorb excess water, and the salad will be ready to cook in just two steps and three movements.

Modern kitchens with glass

Towards the end, put the pieces of cheese on top for gratin. Culinary recipe gratinated potatoes with cheese from the categories Appetizers, Appetizers. This Pin was discovered by ildiko domondi. Discover (and save!) Your own Pins on Pinterest.

A recipe for simple baked potatoes with white sour cream sauce. Baked potatoes au gratin with sour cream and cheese. How to make a potato gratin & # 160. POTATOES WITH PEAS AND GARLIC.

Unsubscribe from excellent menu. Yesterday we presented a revolutionary new device from Philips & # 8211 MULTICOOKER, the miracle that & # 160. Subscribe to the newsletter and you will receive tips and recipes by e-mail. You can also find a little version on my site. Wash the potatoes very well and bring them to a boil in salted water. This tray of au gratin potatoes is enough to feed the whole family. This type of food can be served as a side dish, but is most often used as a dish & # 160. Multicooker cooks for you.

Preparation method: In preparing this culinary delight I used a multicooker, which I set to the option of. Peeled, washed and diced potatoes, boil them in water with a little salt. Candied duck legs, mashed potatoes with greens and quince sauce with raisins. Baked duck breast with orange sauce and Anton gratin potatoes, Food Plating.

Peel the potatoes, wash and cut into thin slices, which are put with milk. Strain the potatoes and place in the baking tray. Healthy Eating, Potatoes.

PHILIPS MULTICOOKER PREPARED CAGE - large image. Ingredients for dishes Potato pan in a slow cooker with mushrooms. Bake the onion and cut well, grate the carrots.

Very often in multicooker recipes it is recommended to mix the dishes. Leek cream soup with potatoes and cream & # 8211 fine and creamy. Cannelloni with minced meat and tomato sauce au gratin. Choose new, small potatoes (they penetrate more easily), wash them well under plenty of water because they do not. Tags: french fries, au gratin potatoes, potato recipes.

Cream of potato soup with cheese. We like different combinations of potatoes with cheese, be they french fries with grated cheese, baked potatoes or boiled potatoes. Videos related to salmon with potatoes. Salmon au gratin potato recipe - Adygio Kitchen & # 160 baked potato recipe. Cauliflower and potatoes au gratin in the oven with cheese sauce! The recipe consists of boiled potatoes, peeled and stuffed with minced meat, covered with white sauce (bechamel) and.

I also made belly soup for multicooker, slow cooker or pressure cooker. Thank you for your visit. Dear ones, we have gifts for you: a multicooker and a vacuum cleaner. Pasta with potatoes and hardened onions & # 8211 cakes with crumbs.

For more Video Recipes & # 160. The best boards of Rodica Szasz. This can be the best recipe for au gratin potatoes. Potato diet & # 8211 Lose weight in days.

The recipe for potatoes au gratin with sesame is a simple and tasty one, most of all a & # 160. After we get the cream. A consistent, tasty, easy-to-prepare dinner is a delicious recipe for potatoes au gratin with ham and onion. You can use bacon instead of ham, cheese. Ingredient: kg potatoes g butter 200g grated cheese g cheese spoon breadcrumbs 2ml sour cream 5-eggs 1.

"Diet with Roxana" - New answers for readers

1. Hello, Roxana! I'm the mother of a two-month-old girl. I breastfeed her and I would like to do this as much as possible, but I have a problem: weight. I'd like to contact Dr. Bilic. I can't stay like this! I want to regain my figure, not change my wardrobe.

Thanks, Raluca.

Answer: Congratulations on your choice to breastfeed your baby! It's the most important thing! It is still not the case to think of a very strict diet, because up to six months the baby should be fed exclusively with milk, and you need fats. You didn't tell me how many pounds you were, how tall you were and, most importantly, what you were eating now. Make a list of everything you eat and I will try to help you with the doctor's advice. She doesn't give consultations anymore, but she wrote a book in which you can find all the details that interest you, it's called & # 8220I live, so I refrain & # 8221.

2. I have a request: can you send me the regime you kept? Or do I need to see a nutritionist for the first time? If I & # 8230 & # 8230; t be grateful. Thanks.

Answer: I did not want to keep a strict diet, because I knew from experience that, after its conclusion, the kilograms will quickly gather back. Dr. Bilic helped me find a healthy diet that I could continue all the time. Obviously, the first three months were harder, there were a lot of restrictions, but now I eat sweet (only in the morning) and drink a glass of red wine from time to time. Finally, it is a normal diet, without great restrictions, apart from the totally unhealthy things.

Here is the regime, as you will find it on the Libertatii website, www.libertatea.ro.


General principles

A. Reduction of saturated fats (of animal origin)

1. Prohibited foods:

& # 8211 Fatty or breaded pork, beef, lamb (neck, chop, ribs, ham, minced meat, small)
& # 8211 all fast food products (hamburger, hot dog, french fries, saorma)
& # 8211 all sausages (sausages, salamis)
& # 8211 all fermented cheeses (telemea, cheese, french cheese, mozzarella, melted cheese, cream cheeses)
& # 8211 whole milk, fatty yogurt, fruit yogurt, butter, sour cream, margarine, cream, condensed milk for coffee
& # 8211 pizza, Italian pasta, Chinese food
& # 8211 mayonnaise, salad dressings
& # 8211 all kinds of canned food (meat, fish, liver pate, smoked fish including salmon) & # 8211 fish caviar, caviar
& # 8211 all fried foods and cooked food (soups, salads with mayonnaise, breads, schnitzel, all foods with white or red sauce, vegetables with butter or pan, fried or baked meat with cheese, etc.).

The meat will be prepared grilled, boiled or baked, without the addition of fat or oil. Chicken and turkey will be eaten without skin (they can also be roasted).

2. Foods allowed:
& # 8211 Beef or pork muscle, leg and lamb chop
& # 8211 skinless chicken and turkey
& # 8211 very weak sausages (muscle fillet type, smoked muscle, pork pastrami, beef), smoked chicken, chicken roll or turkey
& # 8211 all animal organs (liver, liver, brain, tongue, kidneys)
& # 8211 all frozen or fresh fish meat and seafood
& # 8211 skim milk, healthy, whipped milk, yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, homemade Covalact cheese
& # 8211 oua
& # 8211 oil maximum 2 tablespoons / day

B. Eliminate fast sugars, limit the amount of starch and increase the amount of dietary fiber.

1. Prohibited foods:
& # 8211 all sweets: chocolate, jam (even for diabetics), honey, candy, cakes, biscuits, cakes
& # 8211 all pastries: pies, pies, croissants, donuts, papanasi
& # 8211 fruit juices (even sugar-free)
& # 8211 any alcoholic beverage (wine, beer, appetizers, champagne)
& # 8211 dried fruits, nuts, seeds, figs, raisins, olives
& # 8211 all appetizer products: pretzels, chips, popcorn, crackers
& # 8211 french fries, cheese balls
& # 8211 sweet fruits (bananas, grapes, pomegranates, mangoes, pears, plums, cherries).

2. Foods allowed in limited quantities:
& # 8211 bread, preferably white with large volume and low weight (1 serving = 1 slice of approx. 40 g.)
& # 8211 pasta, rice, polenta (1 serving = 3 tablespoons)
& # 8211 flake breakfast cereal (1 serving = 1 large cup)
& # 8211 dried vegetables
& # 8211 peas, beans (1 serving & # 8211 1 large cup)
& # 8211 boiled or baked potatoes (1 serving = 1 potato)

Careful! A maximum of 2 servings of the food categories listed above will be consumed daily.

3. Foods allowed in unlimited quantities:
& # 8211 all fresh or frozen vegetables served cooked as a salad, grilled, baked or stewed without oil
& # 8211 pickles, especially those in vinegar
& # 8211 fresh fruits eaten as such preferably citrus fruits, kiwi, apples and fresh pineapple, melon and strawberries, strawberries, apricots, peaches, cherries, quinces
& # 8211 filter and espresso tea and coffee (not Turkish or cappuccino) sweetened with aspartan or fructose
& # 8211 Coca Cola light, Pepsi light or Prigat light (2L plastic bottle)
& # 8211 mineral water or flat.

Dietary reviews for polycystic ovaries

Any experiments with nutrition, the link between all types of diets and restrictions should not be introduced independently into the daily routine. Such negligence can be costly for a woman, causing complications and exacerbation of pathologies in her history. Therefore, before adjusting your diet, you should consult your local doctor or physician. After analyzing the woman's anamnesis, after conducting, if necessary, additional studies, the expert will give his recommendations.

But anyway, no matter what recommendations a qualified specialist gave, it is always interesting to know the dietary feedback from polycystic ovaries from those women who have tested the effectiveness of the proposed technique. And there are many answers on social media.

Most of them are excellent answers. Women are satisfied with the diet: "The limitation is low, you can eat a lot of delicious and varied dishes. This leaves the" fat "on the sides." Many people say that if they sit on rigid diets, they practically ate nothing, "weight of it was written like air ", now the feeling of hunger is gone and the constant desire to have a snack is gone. Against the background of the diet in question, "the body knows that it does not have to worry and will soon have enough food, while not having to attract extra forces to process heavy foods."

Respondents satisfied and that in parallel with the weight and suction cups growth cysts are solved problems and other abnormalities: improved overall health and mood stabilization of blood sugar, blood pressure normalized emotional pattern becomes more stable, and so on .

Every person, and especially a woman, wants to be healthy and happy, getting the best out of life. In women, nature has placed a great responsibility in continuing the family. Therefore, even a seemingly insignificant health problem can become an obstacle to performing its reproductive functions. Diet for this syndrome can not completely solve the problem, which had to face a woman, but she is able to significantly reduce the rate of disease progression, and in parallel to solve even more health problems and to get rid of the extra pounds, returning him to his former harmony.

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