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Mix all the above ingredients and knead a little to get an elastic dough. Wrap the ball of dough in cling film and let it rest for 1 hour.


From aluminum foil we make a cone that we fill with balls also made of aluminum foil,

we break a piece of dough, we spread it in a 0.5 cm thick sheet on the slightly floured work surface and we cut strips 1-1.5 cm wide. We wrap the strip with strip, taking care not to leave space between them, the aluminum cone starting with its base.

From 3 strips we make a braided headband that we add at the top of the cone, grease the whole cone with a yolk mixed with a little milk, and put it in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes. We take it out of the tray and let it cool on a grill. After complete cooling, empty the aluminum cone of balls and then carefully unscrew the foil


Break another piece of dough, spread it on a sheet and cut with a medium lid or plate 2 circles, cut it into 2 equal parts. With the help of a fork we make some stripes on one of the 2 halves and from a little shell we make a ball that we place in the center of the half, we close with the other half of the circle and we press the two sheets with the fork so that they are well glued. We make 2 braided headbands. One we will place around the ball and from the other we make a cake. We make another ribbon that we twist about 4-5 times in opposite directions and place it under the braided ribbon that sits under the ball of dough. We close the ends with small roses that we obtained by wrapping from one end to the other a strip of dough of 1 cm.

Grease the baskets with egg yolk mixed with milk and put it in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes,


Break another piece of dough and spread it on the sheet. With the help of a large lid we cut a circle. Position a smaller circle in the large circle and cut out. This is how we get our crown. On the edges I cut it with thin strips of dough and small roses.

For the bunches I cut with the help of a small oval shape that I cut on the edges with scissors. I made small balls of coca that I placed on the surface of the oval, I greased them with yolk mixed with milk and I baked them at 180 degrees,

Necessary ingredients

For the cocoa top:

- 100 g flour
- 100 g sugar
- 100 g butter or margarine for cooking
- 100 g dark chocolate (better)
- 50 g plain chocolate (with milk)
- 100 g ground walnuts
- 5 eggs
- grated orange peel
- o esenta de rom
- a few raisins (one hand is enough)
- 4-5 tablespoons of cognac
- 1-2 teaspoons baking powder
- half a teaspoon of ground coffee
- a teaspoon of salt

For the white countertop

- 100 g sugar
- 1-2 tablespoons of flour
- 4 eggs
- a teaspoon of salt
- 4-5 tablespoons of cognac
- grated orange and lemon peel
- 50 g coconut
- raisins (one hand)
- free (rum, vanilla)
- half an envelope of baking powder

Once you have selected the necessary ingredients for the countertops, you need to take care of the cream. And this time you will prepare more creams (three in number), because Easter cake to remain the star of this sabbatical.

All you need to decorate a house is a little creativity and ingenuity. In general, you can do a lot of things with the items you already have at home.

Below, you will discover some bold ideas that will beautify your home. Choose the one you like the most and have fun making decorations with your loved ones!

1. Flower sprinklers

Do you want to make colorful and natural table decorations? Put this great idea into practice!

A beautifully colorful sprinkler with a few natural flowers inside is all you need to make your table look great. Use large, colorful, garden flowers to get a rustic style.

2. Jar with flowers and twine

Do not throw away the used jars you have in the house. This centerpiece simply involves filling the jar with water and adding flowers.

In addition, you can use a string to decorate the mouth of the jar. It's a beautiful and easy way to make table decorations!

3. Table decorations with whatever you find in the pantry

Do you have rice, beans and other seeds in the pantry? Fill a jar with any of the ingredients you like best. For example, place the rice and then the seeds in colored layers. You will get a colorful layered jar. Add some flowers and voila - a beautiful decoration for the center of the table!

4. Cup with flowers

Guests are coming and you do not have a centerpiece for decorating the table. Do not worry: put an interesting cup with a plate on the table and arrange a bouquet of natural flowers in it!

Think of all the unused cups you have in the house. They are great for making all kinds of table arrangements!

5. Super simple table decorations

One of our favorite, cheap and beautiful items is a simple glass of wine or a tall cup with a single beautiful flower inside. This decoration gives an elegant minimalist look.

6. Fruits

How about a centerpiece for a fruit table? This style is perfect for fall meetings. You can make the arrangement in less than two minutes.

Take a tray or basket and place any fruit you have on hand. Then you can even add some flowers, grass threads, pine needles or whatever you think looks beautiful!

7. Ingenious table decorations with .. shoes!

Do you have high-heeled shoes that you no longer wear? Wash them well and disinfect them. Then, fill them with leaves and flowers. You will see how easily you can make a centerpiece for a single table. You will definitely impress all the guests!

8. Bottles with flowers

Simple bottles filled with water and tall flowers are perfect as a decoration. They will give an elegant style to any table.

9. Floating candles

We can't miss the candles when it comes to decorating the table.

Buy floating candles and put them in a jar of water. Put a few flowers inside the jar (completely submerged). Candles must stand on the surface of the water. This is a very beautiful table decoration.

10. Stones and candles

For this decoration, you will also need a jar. Choose one with a wide mouth so that you can decorate its interior. Then place some beautiful stones inside. You can choose to paint the stones or you can simply put a candle in the middle.

Alternatively, you can put a tall candle, a thick candle and a small candle in the jar.

11. Watermelon

Have you eaten watermelon recently? Don't throw away the shell, especially if it's one piece!

Put some flowers with long stems inside it and you will get a beautiful centerpiece for the garden table.

Don't worry if the shells are smaller - you can use them in the same way. E.g, you can stick flowers with short stems in the bark to create an extremely original flower boat.

12. Vase with lemons

Another great idea for making a cheap table decoration is to use what you already have in the house, such as a round vase. Don't hesitate to fill it with lemons (or oranges, limes or anything else you have in the kitchen). Then add a few flowers. You can cut the lemons or use them whole.

Have you tried decorating your table with lemons? These citrus fruits provide a fresh and harmonious touch to the environment. You will love this centerpiece!

13. Glass with candle

We love this idea because of its simplicity.

All you need in this case is a glass of wine and a small candle. Turn the glass over and place the candle at the base. More original and simpler than that!

14. Decorative straw

Maybe you have a few colored straws left at home from the baby's last birthday. Well, this is the time to use them!

  • Take a jar or a glass, measure its height and cut the straw to that size.
  • Then, place the straw inside the jar and add a few flowers around them.
  • The straws will cover the entire surface of the jar.
  • A rope or ribbon tied around the vessel will give them an even more interesting look.

15. Cage with flowers

Do you have a small old cage at home? If so, you can take advantage of it instead of throwing it away.

Just put a few flowers inside (it's okay if the flowers and leaves come out of the cage). If you leave the door open, you will not only have a central piece for the table, but an ode to freedom!

16. Pears on the plate

For this centerpiece, take an oval plate and place some pine needles on it. Then add three or four pears. At the end, give it a more interesting look by adding grapes and other small and colorful fruits.

17. Sticks and flowers

Finally, here's a chance to go for a walk with your kids!

When you walk, pick up some sticks. Then, arrange them in a heap and insert a few flowers between the sticks. Tie them all with a rope or ribbon so that they do not scatter. But don't squeeze them in bundles.

As you can see, you can make simple and practical table decorations using any materials you have in the house. The most important thing is to let your creativity flow!

Easter tart with lamb and chicken is a delicious dish that you can prepare for the Easter meal. Easter tart with lamb and chicken can be prepared in advance and can be served as a cold appetizer or as a main course.

It took:
Mix flour with oil, vinegar and salt.
Add a little plain water and knead with your fingers until you feel that the dough becomes firm, good to spread with the rolling pin.
From the dough we form a ball, which we put on the top powdered with flour, and with the rolling pin we spread a thin sheet, a little bigger than the tart tray.
We put the dough in a tray greased with a little oil, we cut it according to the shape of the tray, and from the remaining dough, we form some grids that we will place above the filling.

The lamb (from the pulp) and the chicken breast are cut into 1 cm pieces and powdered with pepper and paprika, mix well to enter the paprika and pepper in the meat, then fry in a little oil.
Remove to a bowl, cool then mix with beaten eggs (stop a tablespoon of tart on top), Mexican vegetables and a pinch of salt.
Place the filling in the tray, over the tart dough, and on top insert the dough grids.

Easter tart with lamb and chicken is baked for 20-30 minutes, until it starts to brown.

Easter tart with lamb and chicken is served hot or cold, along with a spring salad!
Happy Easter !
Other recommended Easter recipes:

Easter table decorations that you can make with the dwarf

The Easter holidays are approaching, household chores are no longer contained, and the preparations are in full swing. Easter is a reason for reunion, for spending time with the family. Even if a different one is announced this year, it does not mean that the holiday breakfast should be served in a way other than festive! The resurrection of the Lord must be celebrated in a warm, friendly, representative environment. To make your task easier, we discovered a series of ornaments and decorations that, together with the traditional colored eggs, will beautify your table this year.

Jars with spring flowers

Daffodils, tulips, bats are some of the fresh and fragrant flowers that are found in abundance in this period gardens. As they are the most delicate signs of the holiday, it is a pity not to put them in a place of honor on Easter day. Either you put them in jars decorated with rustic elements, or you put them in sophisticated crystal vessels. Spring flowers are the key decorations that together with the traditional colored eggs will create a warm atmosphere.

Flowering twig decorated with cellulose egg

And this year Easter catches us with flowering trees, with a delicate and fresh scent. Everywhere you look you will see flowering trees: crocodiles, bats, apples, cherries, apricots, pears. You can take a twig that you can decorate with colored cellulose eggs. The activity is not only simple but also relaxing. You can easily do it with the dwarf, you will see that the fun will be maximum. Put the decorated branch in a vase and turn it into an ornament for the pasta table.

Garland with eggshells and dried flowers

Garlands are good-looking decorations. Even though they are more popular in the winter season, it does not mean that they cannot give a fresh breath to the Easter holidays. You can easily make a garland using eggshells and dried flowers. Lavender and wheat ears are just some of the materials you can use for such a DYT. In addition you will create a fragrant ornament. The task does not last more than 30 minutes and can keep the little ones busy!

Paper flowers

Making flowers from paper is a rather painstaking task, but extremely relaxing. You need crepe paper, muffin tins, a few strands of wool, small sarmulites to hold the bags of sandwiches, scissors, glue and fun. When it comes to models, you can let your imagination run wild & the results will impress you too. You can put them in the basket with painted eggs, or in a special bowl.

Bunnies out of paper bags

What Easter means without a rabbit. When it comes to ornaments and decorations, the resources are limitless. With the help of ordinary bags you can create sophisticated purples, which you can put next to the bowl with colored eggs. Cut the top edge into ears and attach their base with a fine wire used to hold the bags. Let the little one do the hardest part, pencil the rabbit's eyes and nose. Isn't that fun?

Easter decorations and ornaments

If you are already thinking about the Easter Holidays and are looking for decorations, ornaments, gifts or accessories for the house and the Easter table at special prices, you will find some ideas here. Ornamental bunnies, plates or holders for Easter eggs, tablecloths, colorful themed candles. I chose only a small part of the decorations proposed by Chic Ville offer, Gift4YOU, MELI MELO, www.eMAG.ro and Bonami.ro.

Decorative egg set 12 pieces

12 decorative eggs for Easter with natural eggshell beautifully painted with flowers, strawberries and various patterns.

Candles in the shape of an egg

Wax candles in the form of colored eggs in 6 colors that will surely brighten your Easter meal. size: height approx. 3.9 cm, Ø approx. 4.5 cm.

Rabbit egg tray

This egg plate with rabbit figurine, practical and attractive, in beautiful colors, can not miss the festive table of Easter! Ideal for both colored eggs and various sweets. Made of artificial stone. Dimensions approx. 21x21x13 cm.

Support or Pasta: Rabbits

Egg support in the form of a rabbit. So that no one stays outside on Easter morning and the atmosphere is cheerful, order this ceramic support from now on. Dimensions approx. 16 x 5 x 10 cm.

Easter decoration

A great idea for decorating your windows or table! Made of plastic and foamy bark pots. Diameter approx. 10 cm, height approx. 20 cm.

Easter tablecloth

Decoration Easter lamb tablecloth. A great idea for decorating your windows or table! Made of plastic and foamy bark pots. Ø approx. 10 cm, height approx. 20 cm.

Wooden train with bunnies

Get rid of monotony and bring good mood in your home! Easter Train Decoration with Bunnies lacquered colored wood. Total length approx. 37 cm.

Decorative set with bunnies

Ornamental bunnies they can be placed on your Easter arrangement or on a branch and will cheer up the atmosphere in your home! Made of ceramic covered with a layer of glass beads. Dimensions approx. 6 to 8 cm.

Easter tablecloth

A Easter tablecloth simply adorable! Rustic style, with checkered border and colorful embroidery with bunnies. Dimensions approx. 85 x 85 cm. Wash at 40 ° C.

Decorative trinkets with bunnies

a set of 4 decorative trinkets with bunnies. Place them in the yard or in the garden, in a nice place and they will definitely cheer up the atmosphere. Made of artificial stone. Dimensions each approx. 8 cm

Easter candle

Candle for scented candles, in a wreath with colored eggs! Made of elegantly placed twigs as a base for the joy of fibers, flakes, colored eggs and pampered popcorn, the candle with the Easter wreath will enjoy all the attention in the decorations on the Easter table. It also looks good on the shelf of a pampered shop window, next to colored pots or frames that embrace precious photos.

Cheap and diverse decorations: Here are some ideas for the wedding reception that will save you money

Cheap Ideas For Wedding Reception, Photo: studiosjoesjoe.com

Planning a cheap wedding reception, which is still worthy of the big day, is not always easy to do. After all, you want everything to be cheap, but without looking cheap. With a little research and planning there are ways to keep the budget under control and have a nice reception. Read on to find out a few cheap ideas for wedding reception. While glamorous locations such as ballrooms, castles and historical monuments are amazing choices as wedding venues, they are not cheap at the same time. However, there are many affordable locations where the wedding reception can take place, but they need some decorative ideas to create the right atmosphere.

Cheap wedding locations

Most churches and religious buildings have a kitchen with a dining room. If you plan to get married in the church, you can rent the dining room or its reception area. Usually you can rent the reception room plus tables, chairs, tablecloths and everything you need. Before renting the hall, make sure you understand what activities are restricted, as you will not want to give up dancing if the church does not allow modern music on the premises.

The backyard of your home, parents or generous neighbors, offers a cheap and nice location for a wedding reception. Borrow picnic tables from friends and neighbors for a more rustic look, or use round tables covered with tablecloths for a more elegant look. The backyard can be a good option, but if the wedding takes place in the rainy season, you may need to rent a tent or canopy. This can add to your wedding expenses, so make sure you take all the details into consideration before you start planning the reception. Also, before choosing the backyard as the location for the reception, solve the details such as guest toilets, electricity for lighting or food safety.

Save money on the menu

Apart from the location for the reception, food and drink are the things that couples spend the most on when planning their wedding. Even if the location you have chosen also offers a complete menu, there are plenty of ways you can create a cheap menu for the reception. Keep in mind that serving non-alcoholic beverages is the cheapest option at all receptions. However, to keep your expenses low, you can limit your drinks to one brand of beer, one brand of champagne or a certain type of cocktail.

Although pork steak is delicious, it is also expensive. Instead, offer guests sandwiches with ham, fried beef or turkey. Provide guests with cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and other spices to choose from. Include cheap food and other appetizers that you can make in advance or that you can buy from the grocery store, such as pasta salad, french fries or a fruit mix. As a dessert, you can opt for a cheap wedding cake purchased from the grocery store. If the wedding takes place in the afternoon, few people expect to be served a full meal. Instead, offer guests a table with desserts such as cakes, strawberries wrapped in chocolate, chocolate bars, pies and wedding cake. If you want, you can add a meal with different types of cheese, meat, biscuits and vegetables with sauce.

Cheap decorations if entertainment

Decorating a cheap location may require more work than decorating a location that is already elegant. You will need to cover unsightly walls or scratched tables. Tulle tablecloths, candles, balloons, silk flowers and garlands are all cheap and versatile decorations that can be used to beautify the location. If you know people who have recently gotten married, ask them what decorations they have kept from their wedding. Young married people often hesitate to throw away the decorations they used at the wedding, but they don't even want to keep them for years. Ask them if you can borrow things like balls, bowls, candles, or mirrors. Before modifying any of the borrowed items, make sure you ask permission from their owners.

Entertainment does not have to cost you a fortune. Create your own playlist on an mp3 player or iPod that you then connect to the audio system provided by the rented location. Wedding testimonials also do not have to cost much, because the gesture is what matters when you thank the guests. You can opt for wedding testimonials that also have the role of table decorations, such as: cheap photo frames, bags with colored candies, packages of flower seeds and much more. Even weddings that have a small budget can be amazing if certain details are taken into account. No one should know that the reception is cheap, if everything is well set up. After all, the most important thing at the reception is the fun, not how much money was spent.

Bosch company, total net sales of 1.4 billion euros in 2020. Investments and plans for the factory in Blaj and Cluj

Bosch is maintaining its pace during the coronavirus pandemic and is performing better than expected, the company's representatives announced in a press release sent to Alba24 on Tuesday.

Bosch ended fiscal year 2020 with consolidated sales of almost 2.2 billion lei (448 million euros) in Romania, thus registering an increase of about three percent compared to the previous year.

Total net sales of 6.8 billion lei (1.4 billion euros), including sales of unconsolidated companies and domestic deliveries to affiliated companies, remained at a level similar to the previous year.

"In 2020, the Bosch Group in Romania achieved notable financial results, despite the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and declining automotive production," said Mihai Boldijar, general manager of Robert Bosch S.R.L. and the Bosch Group representative in Romania.

"Despite the challenging market environment, our forecast for the current fiscal year in Romania remains positive," Boldijar added.

The company implements a wide range of measures to ensure that employees are protected against coronavirus infection and to ensure the continuity of its operations.

The number of Bosch employees in Romania reached approximately 8,160 on December 31, 2020.

Bosch consolidates its production activities in Romania

Bosch invested approximately 487 million lei (approximately 100 million euros) in Romania in 2020, mainly to continue the development of production units for Mobility Solutions in Cluj and Blaj.

The electronic car components factory in Jucu, Cluj County has increased its production and storage capacity, investing over 85 million euros in 2020.

Bosch recently opened, in collaboration with local authorities, a vaccination center against Covid-19 at its factory in Cluj, thus helping to limit the effects and spread of the pandemic.

The center will allow easy access to voluntary vaccination for any Bosch employee working in the area and a relative, as well as for the company's suppliers and staff working for two other companies in the Tetarom III industrial park.

In this unit, Bosch has been producing, since 2013, among other things, electronic control units for airbags, for multiple camera systems and driving and parking assistance, which increase road safety and driver comfort.

Bosch Medical Center in Blaj

In addition, the factory in Blaj opened its own Bosch Medical Center in November 2020, in collaboration with the medical services provider Elisa Med.

This is the first Bosch medical unit in Romania to offer health services, with an area of ​​600 square meters.

Bosch employees and first-degree members of their families can benefit from a wide range of services. The Blaj factory produces sensors for the automotive industry, but also high-tech elements for the industrial sector.

In addition, the Blaj plant became the main global Bosch unit for detonation sensors in 2020.

Bosch is a pioneer in sustainable production

Bosch has implemented various energy efficiency projects in its production units in Cluj and Blaj, such as energy consumption monitoring solutions, which provide real-time energy monitoring and reporting, the purchase of 100% electricity from renewable sources and the replacement existing lighting fixtures with LED technology.

Furthermore, the Blaj production unit recently started to produce its own green energy, by installing several photovoltaic panels in the factory, thus taking the next step towards sustainable production.

These panels generate green energy equivalent to the electricity consumption that 50 households have.

Bosch's commitment to education is constantly growing

Bosch is actively involved in educational projects and in supporting the careers of young talent. In 2020, the Cluj Engineering Center, together with Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, opened a new master's program entitled "High performance calculation and analysis of large volumes of data".

The location in Blaj launched Bosch Academy, a program developed in collaboration with the University of Târgu Mureș that offers students a broad perspective on the latest trends in the automotive industry.

In addition, the Bosch factories in Cluj and Blaj inaugurated inspirational study spaces, which stimulate collaboration in educational institutions such as the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, the University "December 1, 1918" in Alba Iulia and the University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology "George Emil Palade" from Târgu Mureș.

Also, the Bosch production unit in Cluj continues the collaboration with the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca by equipping an Industry 4.0 laboratory, thus facilitating the training of qualified personnel for the future.

In addition, approximately 500 students have received a market-oriented vocational education since 2013, being trained in specific fields at the Bosch production units in Blaj and Cluj, within the dual school system.

Bosch Service Solutions recently launched the Academy of Controlling, an intensive, paid program for master's students in finance, management, accounting and computer science.

Bosch Group: Outlook for 2021

The Bosch Group achieved positive results in 2020, despite the coronavirus pandemic, and successfully started the first quarter of 2021.

"Bosch has come out well from the first year of the coronavirus pandemic," said Dr. Volkmar Denner, chairman of the board of Robert Bosch GmbH. C

However, the company expects another difficult year, mainly due to the risks of a further pandemic.

To develop new business opportunities in the context of the profound changes in technology and ecology that are currently taking place, Bosch combines the Internet of Things (IoT) with artificial intelligence (AI) and focuses on electromobility.

"We are one of the winners of the transition to electromobility and we are significantly expanding our software business by involving artificial intelligence," said Denner.

Global efforts to combat climate change are stimulating the fields of electrification and green hydrogen.

Electrification offers Bosch new opportunities in several areas of activity, as it requires solutions not only for the electric driving of cars, but also for the electric heating of buildings.

One billion euros in fuel cell technology

In the technology for propulsion systems, electromobility is highlighted as the core activity of Bosch. Fuel cells convert hydrogen into electricity, and Bosch develops both stationary and mobile fuel cell solutions.

In 2021 & # 8211 2024, Bosch plans to invest one billion euros in fuel cell technology.

Bosch is pursuing a plan to achieve its climate goals, in which it has reached a major milestone: in the spring of 2020 it achieved climate neutrality status in its more than 400 locations around the world. This has already been confirmed by independent tests.

The first company with carbon-free locations

As a result, Bosch is the first global industrial company with carbon-free locations, and this includes units in Romania.

Bosch also aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 15 per cent from its 2018 value chain by 2030, from suppliers to customers by 15 per cent, which is a 67 million tonne reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. carbon dioxide.

Grupul Bosch este prezent în România de 27 de ani și are peste 8.160 de angajați în cinci entităţi. În 2020, Bosch a înregistrat vânzări de 448 milioane de euro pe piața din România.

Vânzările totale nete, incluzând vânzările companiilor neconsolidate și livrările interne către companiile afiliate, au atins 1,4 miliarde de euro.

Pe lângă centrul de cercetare – dezvoltare din Cluj şi unităţile sale de producţie pentru Soluţii de mobilitate din Cluj şi din Blaj, Bosch mai operează şi o unitate de producţie de tehnologie industrială, localizată de asemenea în Blaj, precum şi un centru de servicii de externalizare a proceselor de afaceri (BPO) în Timişoara.

În Bucureşti, Bosch operează un birou de vânzări pentru produsele sectoarelor Soluţii de mobilitate, Bunuri de larg consum şi Tehnologie pentru construcţii şi energie.

În plus, o filială a BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, activă pe piaţa electrocasnicelor, are sediul, de asemenea, în capitala ţării.

Despre Bosch

Grupul Bosch este un lider global în furnizarea de tehnologii şi servicii. Acesta are aproximativ 395.000 de angajaţi în întreaga lume (status la 31 decembrie 2020). Compania a generat vânzări de 71,5 miliarde de euro în 2020.

Operaţiunile sale sunt structurate în patru sectoare de activitate: Soluţii de mobilitate, Tehnologie industrială, Bunuri de larg consum şi Tehnologie pentru construcţii şi energie. Lider în IoT, Bosch oferă soluţii inovatoare pentru case inteligente, Industrie 4.0 și mobilitate conectată. Bosch urmărește o viziunea unei mobilități sustenabile și sigure.

Compania îşi foloseşte expertiza în tehnologia de senzori, software şi servicii, precum şi propriul cloud IoT, pentru a oferi clienţilor soluţii conectate integrate dintr-o singură sursă.

Obiectivul strategic al Grupului Bosch este de a furniza inovaţii pentru o viaţă conectată, prin intermediul produselor și soluțiilor care ori conțin inteligență artificială (IA), ori au fost dezvoltate sau fabricate cu ajutorul ei. Bosch sporeşte calitatea vieţii la nivel mondial prin produse și servicii inovatoare şi care stârnesc entuziasm.

Pe scurt, Bosch creează „Tehnică pentru o viaţă.” Grupul Bosch cuprinde Robert Bosch GmbH şi cele aproape 440 de filiale şi companii regionale din aproximativ 60 de ţări.

Prin includerea partenerilor comerciali şi de service, reţeaua globală de producţie şi vânzări Bosch acoperă aproape toate ţările din lume.

Cu cele peste 400 de locații din lumea întreagă, Grupul Bosch a fost neutru din punct de vedere al emisiilor de carbon încă din primul trimestru al anului 2020.

Baza pentru viitoarea creştere a companiei este puterea sa inovatoare. Compania Bosch are aproape 73.000 de angajaţi în cercetare şi dezvoltare în cele 129 de locaţii din lume, precum și aproximativ 34.000 de ingineri software.

Compania a fost înfiinţată în 1886 la Stuttgart de către Robert Bosch (1861-1942), sub denumirea „Atelier de mecanică fină și inginerie electrică”.

Structura specială a acţionariatului Robert Bosch GmbH asigură libertatea antreprenorială a grupului Bosch, permiţând companiei să planifice pe termen lung şi să facă investiţii semnificative pentru asigurarea viitorului său. 92 de procente din acţiunile Robert Bosch GmbH sunt deţinute de fundaţia caritabilă Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH.

Majoritatea drepturilor de vot sunt deţinute de Robert Bosch Industrietreuhand KG, un trust industrial. Funcţiile de conducere antreprenorială ale grupului sunt îndeplinite de acest trust.

Restul de acţiuni sunt deţinute de familia Bosch și de Robert Bosch GmbH.

Idei de decorațiuni pentru masa principală la nuntă

Decoratiunile pentru masa principala reprezinta puncte de focalizare naturale la o receptie de nunta. Cum toti ochii vor fi pe mire si mireasa, este normal ca alegerea unor decoratiuni pentru masa principala sa fie un detaliu important. Dupa ce mirele si mireasa au terminat de intampinat invitatii, acestia se vor aseza in centrul unei mese lungi cunoscute drept masa principala de la receptia de nunta. Aceasta masa este plasata intr-un loc important, ca semn de respect pentru ziua lor speciala. Printre cei care vor sta alaturi de mire si mireasa la masa se afla: parintii mirilor, domnisoarele de onoare, cavalerii de onoare, persoana care a oficiat casatoria. Decoratiunile pentru masa principala ar trebui sa reflecte importanta celor care sunt asezati la ea in timpul receptiei.

Idei pentru decorarea mesei principale

Deoarece mirele si mireasa sunt personajele principale ale nuntii, decoratiunile utilizate la masa principala nu trebuie sa le acopere sau sa le ascunda chipurile. Invitatii si fotografii vor dori sa priveasca mirii in primele lor momente ca sot si sotie. Cuplul trebuie sa aleaga decoratiunile potrivite bazandu-se pe diverse detalii. Nimic nu este mai potrivit pentru o receptie de nunta decat florile proaspete. Decorati masa principala utilizand flori proaspete care sa se potriveasca celorlalte flori alese de mireasa (buchetul miresei, buchetele domnisoarelor de onoare, piesele centrale etc.). Mai jos veti afla cum puteti folosi florile pentru a decora masa principala intr-un mod deosebit:

• Aranjati sase sau opt vaze patrate din sticla in linie orizontala pe masa. Vazele trebuie sa aiba cel putin 10 centrimetri in diametru.
• Turnati jumatate de cana de pietre iridiscente decorative in fiecare vaza.
• Plasati in fiecare vaza cate o sursa de lumina submersibila.
• Umpleti vazele cu apa (2 treimi din vaza).
• Taiati tulpinile florilor pana cand acestea masoara intre 10 si 12,5 centrimetri.
• Plasati palcuri de flori in vaze pentru a obtine un aspect complet.
Aceasta modalitate de a decora masa principala este o optiune buna pentru o receptie de nunta ce are loc seara sau intr-o locatie slab iluminata.

Pestisorii aurii – un detaliu aparte

Pestisorii aurii reprezinta o idee interesanta in ceea ce priveste decorarea mesei principale. Pentru cuplurile care iubesc acvariile sau decoratiunile neobisnuite, utilizarea pestisorilor aurii ca parte din schema decorativa este cu atat mai interesanta. Plasati un singur pestisor auriu intr-un bol decorativ – ca piesa centrala la fiecare masa pentru invitati. La masa principala plasati doi pestisori aurii intr-un singur bol. Ideile de mai jos va vor ajuta sa obtineti efectul dorit:

• Plasati un bol de cristal pe masa principala, intre mire si mireasa. Bolul trebuie sa fie indeajuns de inalt pentru a se afla deasupra fetelor mirilor, fara a le ascunde. Daca aveti nevoie sa ridicati bolul mai sus, il puteti plasa pe elemente decorative din sticla.
• Plasati un cerc decorativ realizat din flori la baza bolului. Aranjati florile intr-un mod deosebit.
• Umpleti partea de jos a bolului cu margele de sticla.
• Turnati apa in bol si adaugati doi pestisori aurii in acesta.
Asigurati-va ca aveti pe cineva care poate avea grija de pestisori inainte, in timpul si dupa receptie, pentru a garanta siguranta animalelor.

Castele de nisip pentru o nunta pe plaja

Un castel de nisip la o nunta pe plaja poate fi un detaliu fermecator. La masa principala, puteti utiliza castele de nisip in diferite marimi pentru a scoate in evidenta aceasta tema distractiva. Plasati castele mai mici la mesele pentru invitati si un castel de nisip mai mare in centrul mesei principale, intre mire si mireasa. Desigur ca nu este indicat sa utilizati castele realizate din nisip, mai ales daca receptia are loc in aer liber, de aceea exista cateva sfaturi de care este bine sa tineti cont, si anume:
• Plasati un castel realizat din rasina pe masa principala. Castelul trebuie sa aiba o nuanta cat mai apropiata de cea a nisipului pentru a imita cat mai bine un castel de nisip.
• Presarati putin nisip in jurul bazei castelului si pe deasupra acestuia. Puneti suficient nisip la baza castelului incat sa puteti scrie un biletel de dragoste cu degetul.
• Puteti decora castelul de nisip cu flori proaspete sau flori de matase, cum ar fi flori tropicale sau exotice. Puneti o floare in turnul din varful castelului si alte cateva imprastiate in jurul bazei acestuia.
• Plasati scoici si stelute de mare la baza castelului.
• Plasati cateva luminite in turnurile castelului si aprindeti-le.
Asigurati-va ca masa principala este decorata intr-un mod special prin utilizarea unor metode de iluminat inovatoare care sa scoata in evidenta si celelalte decoratiuni de pe masa.

Alternative vegane pentru masa pascală

Odată cu venirea sărbătorilor pascale, creștinii încheie postul și încep să consume pește, carne și lactate. Alții însă aleg să prelungească perioada de post și să o transforme într-un stil de viață. Veganii exclud din alimentația lor produsele de origine animală tot anul împrejur, iar sărbătorile nu sunt o excepție.

Bucătăria vegană oferă o varietate mare de bucate gustoase și sănătoase. O știe bine Lucia Sofroni, bucătar-șef, antreprenoare în Canada și vegană de mai bine de 5 ani.

Pentru cei care vor să adopte acest stil de viață, Lucia ne asigură și ne demonstrează că mâncarea bazată pe produse vegetale ne face mai sănătoși, este ușor de preparat și arată savuros.

Am rugat-o să ne prezinte două rețete vegane care ar putea lua locul tradiționalelor bucate de pe masa de sărbătoare. Prima și una foarte ușor de gătit este versiunea sănătoasă a cartofilor umpluți.

Dacă nu vă imaginați că un desert fără lapte și ouă poate fi gustos, veți rămâne surprinși, fiindcă ceea ce urmează o să vă convingă să le înlocuiți.

Contrar miturilor care spun că dieta bazată pe plante și cereale nu ne aduce necesarul de nutrienți în organism, de fapt, acestea sunt sursa directă de vitamine, fibre și proteine și scad considerabil riscul apariției multor boli.


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