Dessert cake with cappuccino and chocolate

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Prepare the cream first: put the liquid cream, the broken chocolate, the cocoa and the cappuccino powder on low heat. Mix well until the ingredients are completely dissolved and homogenized. Cool the dish, then place it in the freezer for consistency.

For the top, mix the whole eggs with the sugar until you get a cream, then add the oil, the essences and finally, the flour sifted with cappuccino powder. Mix everything well, then pour into the 18 cm removable tray lined with baking paper. Bake for 25-30 minutes at 180 degrees C. Cool and cut into three slices.

For the syrup, caramelize the sugar, quench with water, let it drop about halfway, then remove from the heat and add the rum essence.

Remove the cream from the cold and froth with the mixer. Assemble the cake: syrupy top, half cream, syrupy top, the rest of the cream, syrupy top. On top, grease with soft butter mixed well with powdered sugar, then refrigerate until the fondant is ready.

Spread the sheet with the rolling pin with a larger circumference than the cake, to cover it well. Remove the cake from the cold, mount the sheet, press well, cut off the excess. Dress in lace and decorate with natural flowers. Good appetite!

Chocolate Cake (1)

I made this wonderful cake at the end of last year, for the birthday of one of my grandchildren, who is crazy about chocolate cakes. This cake, with small modifications (meaning a lot of chocolate) I repeated it at Christmas and a miracle came out. (Maybe someday I'll show you the Christmas cake as soon as possible.) I don't know when I will make it again, because I want to prepare something else, a new recipe & # 8230and & # 8230I improve, I add another ingredient, I take out some more & # 8230So I don't have good photos, there are only a few photos which I selected during the meal. (The photos in the section are not representative, because I didn't cut it nicely). But I guarantee you, the taste of this cake is wonderful.

I was delighted with the result, especially since it was something improvised at the time. I want to share this recipe with you because it was a crazy success. It is a tasty, fine, refined cake with a strong chocolate aroma & # 8230 a dream dessert & # 8230


  • 4 eggs
  • 250 gr. sugar
  • 250 ml milk
  • 1 packet butter / margarine
  • 70 gr. cocoa
  • 150 gr. dark / bitter / milk chocolate (according to preferenceI used 1/2 black and 1/2 with milk)
  • 200 gr. flour
  • 1 sachet of baking powder
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
  • 1 teaspoon essential rom
  • 100 gr unsalted roasted hazelnuts


  • 10 yolks
  • 10 tablespoons sugar flour
  • 3- 4 tablespoons cocoa (black cocoa)
  • 1 packet and a half butter
  • 2 sachets of vanilla sugar


  • 500 ml liquid cream
  • 300 gr dark / bitter / milk chocolate (according to my preference I used 1/2 dark and 1/2 with milk)
  • 1 vial esenta rom


  • 4 sachets of chocolate cappuccino
  • 3-4 teaspoons of sugar
  • chocolate flavored liqueur

Method of preparation


Put the unsalted hazelnuts in a tray and fry them a little in the oven. Roasted hazelnuts are cut, or lightly crushed, to the size of a larger grain of rice.

Put on low heat, in a bowl, stirring gently until incorporated, the following ingredients: sugar, milk, butter / margarine and cocoa.

After the composition has been homogenized, add the broken chocolate, vanilla sugar, rum essence and mix well until the chocolate dissolves. Remove from the heat and let the composition cool. (In the meantime, we can cut the hazelnuts).

After the composition has cooled, add eggs one by one, flour mixed with baking powder. and at the end, the roasted hazelnuts. Mix well until all ingredients are homogeneous.

& # 8211 Dress the cake form with a detachable bottom (Diam 23) with baking paper, or according to the classic version (greased with flour and lined with flour) and pour the dough on it.

& # 8211 In the preheated oven, insert the cake top and bake at a temperature of 180 ° C, about 40 minutes (depending on the oven), for verification, still doing the "toothpick test".

& # 8211 When the top is baked, take it out of the oven and leave it to cool in the form.

& # 8211 Rub very well with the mixer the 10 yolks with the powdered sugar which is added gradually.

& # 8211 Add the cocoa and continue rubbing until smooth.

& # 8211 The resulting composition is boiled in a steam bath until the sugar melts and becomes like a thick cream.

& # 8211 When ready, let the cream cool.

& # 8211 During this time, rub the butter well. Over the cooled cream, add the rubbed butter little by little, mixing well, until the cream becomes frothy and fine.


& # 8211 Pour whipped cream into a saucepan and bring to a boil (It doesn't have to boil!).

& # 8211 When the whipped cream starts to boil, remove from the heat and add the broken chocolate pieces. Leave for a few minutes and then mix with a whisk, until the cream becomes dense and homogeneous. Leave to cool and then put in the fridge for a few good hours (minimum 3-4 hours). It's good to stay overnight.

& # 8211 After it has been cold enough, the cream is ready to prepare. Rub with the mixer at high speed for about 10 minutes, until it becomes light, fluffy and creamy.

  • In a cup, prepare a "strong cappuccino" from the 4 sachets of chocolate cappuccino, 3-4 ligurite sugar (depending on how sweet you like it) and hot water. Allow to cool well.

& # 8211 After the countertop has cooled, remove from the mold, carefully remove the baking paper and cut into three equal parts, carefully leveling the last sheet on top (where it is possible to grow unevenly).

& # 8211 Syrup the top very little, pouring with a teaspoon, from place to place, alternately, liqueur with chocolate and cappuccino flavor.

& # 8211 Over the first countertop that syrups the least, there is plenty of Ganache chocolate cream, followed by the second countertop that syrups a little, chocolate cream 1, the last countertop that also syrups.

& # 8211 I dressed the cake with chocolate cream 1 and garnished it with Ganache cream and a black and white icing from Dr. Oetker.

& # 8211 I put a little fried almond flakes on the edge.

& # 8211 The assembly and decoration of the cake is indicative, everyone can do as they please, desire, or inspiration of the moment.

-I wanted a lighter Ganache chocolate cream, to contrast with the concentration of the countertop and the chocolate cream 1, that's why I beat it more with the mixer, until it became fluffier and darker in color.

-If you want a denser and silkier Ganache cream, a little darker in color, beat less with the mixer.

-Another solution for a more concentrated Ganache cream (I didn't want that, I'll show you another time a recipe with such a cream, the Christmas cake), it would be to put in equal parts liquid cream and dark chocolate and to add a little butter (about 50 gr). It's just everyone's choice.

-This time I had Ganache cream left, which my family later enjoyed with fruit.


Cake & # 8220Christmas Butter & # 8221 with cappuccino cream & # 8211 Christmas cake with coffee and whipped cream & # 8211 special Christmas cake recipe. It is delicious, fragrant, with a simple and fine cream and is made quickly and easily.

This French dessert is associated with the winter holidays and I think that all housewives who want to prepare a cake or a delicious cake will be delighted that the recipe does not require much time or effort.

In addition, it is durable and not expensive. The recipe can be modified so that Christmas cake & # 8220buturuga & # 8221 it can have creams made to your taste.

One of the most popular creams for cakes and cakes is the one with mascarpone and coffee, and I thought that a cappuccino coffee with milk foam is not strong, and a small amount brings the aroma of coffee and can be tasted by children. . I kept the idea of ​​coffee and milk foam layers so the slice of the cake has the colors of a cappuccino.

Shall I say what will conquer you? Cream of mascaporpone with coffee, where one of the most beloved and most used creams for cakes and pies because it is made quickly and easily, without boiling.

Christmas cake & # 8220buturuga & # 8221 it is a simple roll, decorated with more cream than ordinary rolls. Lines are drawn to mimic the bark of trees. It is decorated in such a way as to keep the idea of ​​winter and holidays.

If you want to see how I prepared this cake in the chocolate version click here.

There are several variations on the history of this dessert. One of them places the appearance of the cake in 1870 when the French confectioners wanted to make a dessert inspired by burning logs from the stove, on Christmas Eve. Another version tells how Napoleon Bonaparte forbade lighting fires in stoves to prevent the spread of disease, and the French invented this dessert as a way for the family to spend time around the stove, reminding them of logs burned in the stove.

Regardless of the history and origin of the dessert, it came to be prepared in our country, especially after 1990, when internet access made it easier to search for recipes. It is one of the most prepared Christmas cakes.

I chose to modify the classic recipe with chocolate cream and I prepared a cappuccino cream. I like to use coffee in desserts, as you can see if you read the collection of recipes prepared over time & # 8211 click here to discover coffee cake recipes.

Cappuccino is the coffee with milk foam with beautiful presentation that I prepare with the help of the espresso machine Prima Latte II Breville.

I like this device because it can prepare several types of coffee: espresso, cappuccino or caffe latte, in small or large size. With a simple push of a button you can prepare your favorite coffee. And you can even make two coffees at the same time, if you want someone to keep you company. Not many devices can adapt to the height of your cups, but the Prima Latte II Breville has a height adjustment system.

You can prepare your milk foam exactly as you like, adjusting the degree of foaming from very little to a lot of foam.

The milk tank is detachable, so you can put it in the fridge so that the milk stays fresh.

Here are just a few of the reasons why I invite you to put this espresso bag in Santa's bag. You can buy it at a sales if click here and in addition, you can benefit from an extra discount using the code DIVA 5 until December 31, 2020.

If you buy any Breville product during the period December 10-31, 2020 using this code you will have another price reduction, compared to those displayed on the site, using the discount code DIVA 5.

Here is the list of ingredients and how to prepare it Christmas cake # 8220buturuga cu # cappuccino:


For the countertop:

20 g black cocoa powder

1 grated orange peel

For the cream:

300 ml whipped cream

1/2 teaspoon orange free

For decoration:

2 teaspoons black cocoa powder

First of all, I made a small cappuccino and let it cool.

I separated the egg whites from the yolks. I mixed the egg whites with a pinch of salt, until they became a white foam, then I gradually added the sugar and I mixed until everything became a hard foam. I incorporated the yolks and mixed lightly, from the bottom up.

In a bowl I sifted the flour and cocoa powder and mixed them. I added cocoa flour to the egg mixture and mixed lightly, from bottom to top until smooth.

For flavor, I put 1 teaspoon of grated orange peel. I poured the dough in the oven tray lined with baking paper and baked the top for 12 minutes in the preheated oven at 180 ° C. I took the countertop out of the oven and turned it over on a lightly damp kitchen towel. I removed the baking paper, then rolled the counter with the damp towel and let it cool completely.

While the countertop was baking, I prepared the cream. To prepare the cream, I mixed the mascarpone with the powdered sugar and the vanilla sugar, then I gradually added the whipped cream. I poured cold cappuccino and mixed until smooth. I put the cream in the fridge.

After it cooled, I opened the top and greased it with a part of the cream (a little less than half), then I rolled it, squeezing it well, so that the cream sticks to the top. I wrapped the roll with baking paper and put it in the fridge for 4 hours. Shortly before I took it out of the fridge, I melted a dark chocolate in a bain-marie, let it cool a little, then I put it over the rest of the cream. I added black cocoa powder, rum essence and mixed until the composition was homogenous. I covered the roll with cream, then I cut a piece of about 10 cm from the roll.

I cut the 10 cm piece obliquely, so that I have two pieces of roll of different sizes. I glued them to the roll to get a butterfly or a tree trunk.

I drew stripes with a fork and decorated with some rosemary leaves and red currants.

The & # 8220Christmas Buttercake & # 8221 should stay in the fridge for at least 4-6 hours before being cut, but if you leave it overnight it will be even better.

Put the walnuts in the oven for a few minutes, taking care not to burn them, and then grind the quantity into small quantities and cut the other into smaller pieces. Raisins are hydrated in cognac and rum. Rub the yolks with the sugar gradually until the sugar crystals melt, beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt and 1 teaspoon of lemon, so they will definitely come out properly. The butter at room temperature is rubbed with the mixer and then added to the yolks. Melt the chocolate in a bain marie and then add the yolks. Sift the flour with the baking powder twice. Put in the composition coffee, cappuccino, walnuts, hazelnuts, raisins with cognac and then gradually add two tablespoons of flour and two tablespoons of egg white, stirring quickly from bottom to top after each. Wallpaper a cake form with baking paper and pour the composition. Place in the hot oven for about 30-40 minutes depending on the oven. In the middle it may be soft due to the chocolate but if it is made on the edges it means that it is ready. Cut the worktop in half. It does not syrup because it is quite fragile but whoever wants can syrup it with liqueur or coffee mixed with melted chocolate.

Put the chocolate and cream on low heat, mix until melted and set aside. When it has cooled, put it in the fridge for a few hours. Beat with the mixer until it becomes a frothy cream. One part is stopped for decoration and the rest is placed between the countertops.

It is made in the same way as chocolate cream, the chocolate and cognac are put in whipped cream and when it has melted, it is poured warm over the counter. When it has reached room temperature, put it in the fridge and when the icing has hardened, decorate it. I made all the cream and covered the cake with it.

Torture Mazurek in Polish

Slowly add the almonds, lemon peel, flour and hard boiled egg yolks by hand.

Add the raw yolk, salt and cinnamon and mix well until you get a fine dough. Refrigerate the dough for about 30 minutes in a plastic wrap.

Heat the oven over medium heat, cut a third of the dough and put it back to cool.

The other two thirds are rolled with the rolling pin and wallpapered in a tart pan or cake pan with a removable bottom. Push the dough from place to place with a fork so that it grows evenly. Grease the pricked dough with a mixture of an egg and a teaspoon of beaten water in a bowl.

Bake the dough for about 20 minutes, or until slightly golden on top.

Spread the rest of the dough and cut strips the thickness of a finger. Arrange the dough strips in a woven tart pattern over the greased dough and grease with the egg and water mixture. Bake for 10-15 minutes and leave the 'grill' in the dough to cool.

Melt the chocolate in a bain marie, add the butter and cream and stir for about 15 minutes. Pour the chocolate over the baked dough. Garnish with dried fruit, raisins, almonds, candied fruit, etc. and place the baking dough on top. Press a little to get the dough into the chocolate, then leave to cool and serve the Mazurek cake for coffee or a glass of milk.

Cappuccino Cream Cake and Fine Countertop # 8211 They are sensational!

For the top, beat the eggs with the sugar and honey. Add the sifted flour together with the cocoa powder and baking powder. Mix carefully, then pour in the oil. Divide the dough in half and bake, separately, at 180 ° C, 40 minutes, two sheets of cake. You cut them out, if you want, in the shape of a star.

For the cream, beat the yolks with the sugar and salt until creamy. Add the flour and starch. Separately, dissolve the sachets of cappuccino in the milk, then boil it. Pour the hot milk into the yolk mixture, thinly. Put the composition on low heat and stir it continuously until it thickens.

Let the cream cool, then beat it with butter until you get a fluffy composition.

Grease the first piece of cake top with 1/3 of the cream. Place the other piece of countertop on top and spread the rest of the cream. Decorate the edges of the cake with chocolate flakes and coconut flakes.

Cake with dark chocolate and cappuccino

Cake with dark chocolate and cappuccino
A delicious cake prepared with all the love for my daughter Andreea, who today turns the beautiful age of 21 !!
Happy birthday, beautiful and dear child !!
I love you with all my heart, I want you to have everything that is best and beautiful, to be healthy and to enjoy my soul as you have been doing for 21 years !! & lt3 & lt3
I leave below the recipe for the cake prepared the other day for Andrea's day !! And she took him with her, because she is far from me, today for her birthday !!

Bitter chocolate and cappuccino cakeingredients

Cocoa cake top
8 eggs
8 lg sugar
5 lg flour
4 lg black cocoa
esenta de rom
Bitter chocolate cream
300 g dark chocolate
300 ml liquid cream
Cappuccino chocolate cream
300 g chocolate cappuccino
250 ml liquid cream
Rum syrup
300 ml water
150 g zahat
rum essence
200 g dark chocolate
200 ml liquid cream
chocolates in different shapes and textures

Bitter chocolate and cappuccino cakeMethod of preparation

First we prepare the cake top.
How to prepare the cake top can be found here & # 8211Cocoa cake top
For the syrup, boil the water with the sugar, let it cool and flavor it with rum to taste.
Bitter chocolate cream and cappuccino chocolate cream are each prepared separately by mixing chocolate with liquid cream on a water bath, stirring continuously until smooth without boiling.
Let them cool and use them immediately to fill the cake without frothing them.
The cooled countertop is cut into three equal sheets.

Place the first sheet in detachable form in which I baked the top, syrup with rum syrup, preferably pour cappuccino chocolate cream, place the second sheet, syrup it, then pour the dark chocolate cream and finish with the last sheet we syrup.
Cover the form with a plastic wrap and keep in the fridge for a few hours or overnight.
Pass with a knife or heated spatula on the edge of the cake, place a plate on top and turn the cake over, removing the detachable shape and level the edges with a heated knife.
Prepare the chocolate icing by mixing the chocolate with the whipped cream over a moderate heat until smooth.
Pour the icing on top and level gently until the cake is completely glazed.
I decorate according to my imagination, in my case with chocolates in different shapes and textures.
Keep cold until consumption.
To cut beautiful slices, use a knife heated in hot water.
Heat and wipe the knife with a paper towel after each cut slice.

Cake with cappuccino cream and vanilla

Cake with cappuccino and vanilla cream I prepared it for my sister's birthday, which turned a beautiful age last month.
A chocolate cake with fine aromas of cappuccino and vanilla, a good combination, I say !!
I recommend you try it, it is extremely easy to make both the countertop and the creams.
You can combine any flavors you want, according to everyone's taste.
I chose Schogetten chocolate because it can be found with more flavors, but especially because it is a good chocolate that works very well with it.

8 eggs
8 lg sugar
5 lg flour
4 lg cocoa
esenta de rom

Cappuccino cream
400 gr chocolate cappuccino
350 ml liquid cream

Vanilla cream
500 g white chocolate
450 ml liquid cream
2 vials of vanilla essence (2ml / vial)

200 gr sugar
3 lg cappuccino
350 ml water
or vial free of rum (2ml)

200 gr chocolate
100 gr liquid whipped cream
50 gr butter

Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Whisk the egg whites with 3/4 of the sugar and the yolks with the rest together with the rum essence. Combine the two compositions, sift the flour mixed with cocoa on top and mix lightly from top to bottom until well incorporated.
Pour into a round tray (26 cm) lined with baking paper and bake at the right heat.
After it has cooled, take it out of the mold and cut it into 3 sheets.
Cappuccino cream
Chocolate broken into small pieces is mixed with liquid cream on low heat (without boiling) until the chocolate melts to form a homogeneous composition.
Leave it to cool for a few hours (5-6) after which it is foamed with the help of the mixer, obtaining a fine and fluffy cream.
Vanilla cream
Proceed in the same way as the cappuccino cream
Dissolve the cappuccino powder in a little hot water then add it over the water mixed with the sugar, boil it.
Cool before use.
On a plate, place the first sheet of countertop, syrup it with the cooled syrup, then spread 3/4 of the cappuccino cream evenly.
We place the second sheet on the counter, we also syrup it, after which we spread half of the vanilla cream.
We finish with the third syrupy countertop sheet.
Level the front and sides of the cake with cappuccino cream and then put it in the fridge for 3 hours.
Remove, glaze in chocolate glaze (chocolate, whipped cream and butter are kept on low heat stirring constantly without boiling until melted to form a thick glaze) and decorate with white vanilla cream roses made with pos with spirit.

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