Meow Parlour, New York City’s Upcoming Cat Café, is Now Hiring

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Do you want a job that involves baking and playing with cats all day? Here you go

Meow Parlour is now hiring.

Meow Parlour, the “first purr-manent cat café in New York City” is officially looking for staff as it prepares for its opening later this month.

“We're two owners that love pastries and cats and we're combining the two into a unique concept so we need extraordinary helpers who share the same loves,” reads Meow Parlour’s Craigslist ad.

“We're looking for animal lovers who work hard and are great problem solvers.” Hospitality and animal care experience are not necessary, but are a plus.

Interested candidates must be able to work both the “bakery aspect and the cat aspect,” and must be dedicated to the proper care of cats. Sales staff will also be asked to keep the bakery spotless, and the position “may involve some baking.”

If this sounds like the actual job of your dreams, fill out the hiring form and include a cover letter and résumé.

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