Le Creuset Has the Best Warranty Policy We've Ever Seen

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Read this if you're on the fence about dropping a few hundred dollars on a new piece of Le Creuset cookware.

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It's one of the most iconic kitchenware brands for many home cooks, but a lot of people aren't aware that Le Creuset does so much more than make dutch ovens in pretty new colors. Whether you already own 10 pieces of Le Creuset's enameled cast-iron cookware, or are just now pondering the splurge, there's something you should know first (and it has to do with Le Creuset's very generous warranty policy.)

Normally, a single Le Creuset cast-iron Dutch oven can retail anywhere between $300 and $600, which may deter some shoppers from investing (I mean, it's like a car payment, right?!). But Le Creuset makes a limited lifetime guarantee on all of its cast iron products, meaning if the heavy pot somehow breaks during normal use in the kitchen, the brand will send you a replacement free of charge.

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And even if you don't buy a piece of cast-iron bakeware, Le Creuset has a slew of warranty policies that cover you for at least five years—and, in some cases, a whole decade. Cast iron, stainless steel, and nonstick products are covered by Le Creuset's lifetime policy, whereas stoneware, stockpots, and metal bakeware are usually covered for at least five years.

The best Le Creuset items to shop now:

Plus, most of Le Creuset's more affordable accessories, from pepper mills to silicone spatulas, are covered by a limited 10-year warranty.

The company says that owners aren't allowed to intentionally damage their cast-iron purchases for new colors or another size, so don't get any crazy ideas. But as long as you're using the product normally, you should be covered.

There's one small caveat, though: Le Creuset won't replace your product if you're not the original owner. Meaning if you purchase the item secondhand or receive it as a hand-me-down, you won't be able to make a claim—but this doesn't apply to gifts, as long as you keep the receipt. Happy shopping!

Le Creuset May Have Just Dropped Their Cutest Dutch Oven Design Yet

Cooking at home isn&apost fun if I&aposm feeling uninspired or in a "meh" mood. And honestly, in the past year of social distancing, working from home and more, I&aposve had plenty of "meh" days. This may sound a little woo-woo, but I&aposm a firm believer that the thoughts and intentions you have while cooking can affect the way your food tastes and how much you enjoy it. So why not make your kitchen a happier place to be, so that you&aposre excited about the food you&aposre making? One thing that definitely brings a smile to my face every time I cook is Le Creuset&aposs brand-new Dutch L&aposOVEn. It just launched on May 3, and I can&apost stop using it. 

I recently added this adorable vessel to my kitchen, and it&aposs perfect for everything from soup to short ribs to homemade bread. And this Dutch L&aposOVEn earned its cute name from its sweet design: it has a neutral white base with fun rainbow-colored love hearts fluttering around the base and top.

Le Creuset&rsquos Factory-to-Table Sale Has Returned&mdashThese Are the Best Deals Right Now

During March, Le Creuset ran their factory-to-table sale online for the first time, and we scooped up incredible deals on cookware, bakeware, and utensils. Le Creuset lovers can rejoice because the sale has returned, this time both online and in-store. If you&aposre preparing for fall baking projects or want to get ahead of the game for holiday gifts, it&aposs the perfect time to find great deals on tools that will last for years to come.

The factory-to-table sale is usually a pop-up in-person event that travels to various locations across the country, but 2020 is slightly different, of course. The sale will run from August 10 to August 23 online, or as long as products stay in stock. The in-store event will run August 10 to August 31 at Le Creuset Signature Stores and Le Creuset Outlet Stores. Products are 40-70% off across the board, but the sale will also include limited-quantity colors and styles, as well as their beloved Dutch oven. 

You can search the sale by price, color, serving sizes, and materials depending on your priorities. We know from experience that products sell out fast during this sale, so we’ve rounded up some of the best deals to take advantage of right now. We’ve seen a small white Dutch oven for $150 (originally $250), a deep covered skillet in four colors for just $180 (originally $300), and a rectangular skillet grill for $96 (usually $160). Keep in mind stock availability can change by the hour, so if you see a color and size you love, don’t hesitate. Happy cookware deal-hunting!

Nordstrom’s Unbelievable Le Creuset Cookware Sale Includes Pieces Starting at Just $20

If anything is true, it’s that we’ll never get tired of Le Creuset. We’ve seen sales for the French cookware brand everywhere &mdash Wayfair has Ina Garten’s favorite Dutch oven for a steal, we found out QVC sells it, and yes, it’s even on Amazon. And today, Nordstrom’s got the cult-fave cookware brand on major sale, up to 41 percent off. Turns out, you don’t need to wait for Black Friday to score the cookware for cheap. This sale includes casserole dishes, mini cocottes, and much more, so prepare to treat yourself to some new kitchen must-haves.

Because it’s unclear when the sale will end, you’ll want to act fast if you want to take advantage of these much lower prices. Nordstrom’s Presidents’ Day sale may technically be over, but it looks like a few deals are lingering. Take a look at the best deals below, and make sure to check out the entire Le Creuset sale at Nordstrom. If you’re looking for more Le Creuset deals, their nonstick collection is 40 percent off directly through their site.

Our mission at SheKnows is to empower and inspire women, and we only feature products we think you&rsquoll love as much as we do. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale.

Gorgeous Grill Pan&mdash41% Off

Finished with sleek enamel, this iconic Le Creuset grill pan &mdash now 41% off &mdash will last you years and years and years. This one was originally $170, so don’t wait on this.

Baking Duo&mdash25% Off

Le Creuset’s most practical and popular baking dishes are perfect for just about everything. Use the larger one for casseroles and desserts and the smaller dish for dips, prep work, or small meals for two.

Little Helper&mdash23% Off

The small version of Le Creuset’s cult-favorite Dutch oven is just what you need for single servings. Just like its bigger companion, the stoneware allows for even heat distribution.

Stylish Mugs&mdash19% Off

These beautiful coffee cups are a must for the Le Creuset fan. And yes, they’re dishwasher safe!

Must-Have Casserole Dish&mdash39% Off

Casseroles just taste better when the presentation is just as pretty as the food itself. This classic casserole dish will go with any cookware you have, and it’s the ultimate stove-to-table piece.

Before you go, check out these chic cookware brands that give Le Creuset a run for its money:


From $200.00, Le Creuset

Why we like it:

  • Suitable for all stovetops, including induction
  • Oven-safe up to 500°F
  • Dishwasher-safe (hand washing recommended)

The perfect pot to braise short rib, the Braiser also cooks chicken thighs, cinnamon roll, focaccia, and meatballs. This braiser allows the ingredients to sear on its wide base. The fitted lid works perfectly with the shallow walls to hold the moisture in the pot, circulating the steam to stop the food from becoming dry.

What Is Comparable to Le Creuset?

Several brands offer cookware you might liken to Le Creuset, but none of them will be made with the same care, concern or quality. You might think their prices are ridiculous, but there’s a reason they are so high!

For instance, grocery store chain Aldi recently released an entire line of cast iron cookware as a dupe for Le Creuset’s collection. It looks absolutely gorgeous for sure, but it’s nothing like the days of work that go into producing just one of their items.

Mimicking everything from Le Creuset’s trademark casserole dish to mugs, skillets and frying pans, they are designed to be used with any source of heat, and safe to go in the oven (although should not be exposed to higher than 482°F).

Though they have had rave reviews for their similarity in appearance, they don’t come with the same level of quality you also won’t receive a lifetime warranty guarantee with their purchase in the same way you would with an Le Creuset product.

That being said, they are certainly hundreds of dollars cheaper than a Le Creuset pot or pan would set you back. For home cooks on a budget, there’s absolutely no shame in trying a dupe.

It’s about your skills, not just your cooking tools, at the end of the day!

Suggested brands to try out from those who can’t afford Le Creuset (but want quality cookware) include:

Lodge. This family-owned company has been running since the 1890s (longer than Le Creuset!) in the USA.

Their products are more affordable and more heat resistant than LC’s, able to withstand up to 500°F in comparison to their 480°F respectively. Customers also rave about their slightly wider, rounded shape, which makes not just cleaning, but handling and carrying the heavy pots, way easier.

Staub and Cuisinart are both also worth considering, though as brands they tend to have slightly higher price tags.

They are well known and reputable manufacturers. Though there are many others around, these two just so happen to have produced their own line of cookware items that look very similar to Le Creuset products but of course, are not marketed as dupes.

That being said, neither are family-run companies, nor do they have anywhere near as good a warranty.

You know what they say: if you want the best, then you have to pay for it!

Le Creuset Launches "L'OVEn" Just in Time for Pride Month

The limited-edition rainbow Dutch oven supports the Trevor Project.

Related To:

Just in time for Pride Month this June, Le Creuset is debuting a colorful take on their signature round Dutch oven, which they have dubbed the "L'OVEn". According to a press release, "this limited-edition Dutch oven holds a rainbow of love and joy and will brighten any kitchen."

With Pride Month ahead, the French cookware brand wanted to create a design that celebrates self-expression, so, they've taken a colorful approach and turned the iconic Pride rainbow into a sweet, subtle motif. Designed on a white Dutch Oven, this version is decorated with a rainbow of multi-color hearts that flutter across the pot and continue onto the lid. With this new launch, Le Creuset also pledged to support the Trevor Project, to "ensure that LGBTQ youth have access to the vital support and resources that they need," according to a press release."

We've Figured Out Exactly Which Le Creuset Piece You Should Buy Based On Your Sign

There are those who buy Le Creuset Dutch ovens because they're the hardest-working pots on the market. Then there are those who buy Le Creuset Dutch ovens because they are damn good-looking. Like KitchenAid, this brand is known for its many (many, many) colors, and we're firm believers that everyone's personality is suited to a specific one. Find your astrological sign below, and we'll tell you which hue to buy.

You've been accused of being stone-faced a time or two, so a stone-colored Dutch oven suits you. Plus, with your love of heirlooms, you need a shade that will stand the test of time after you pass it down.

BUY NOW Matte Cashmere Round Dutch Oven, from $220 lecreuset.com

This star-studded pattern might be one of Le Creuset's prettiest limited edition ones&mdashand it's totally representative of you. Your cutting-edge ideas tend to have you reaching for the stars, so to speak, and you're incredibly original. just like the Cosmos.

BUY NOW Cosmos Braiser, $380 bloomingdales.com

People of all walks of life crave your company, and that's because you've got a knack for adapting to whatever situation you find yourself in. The ombré effect on this lid plays on that great quality. Plus, as a water sign, you're naturally drawn to all things blue.

BUY NOW Ombré Blue Round Dutch Oven, from $320 lecreuset.com

You're a natural-born leader, so it makes sense for you to have the first color Le Creuset ever produced. And call it cliché, but you're a fire sign&mdashhow could you pass up Flame?

BUY NOW Flame Round Dutch Oven, from $150 lecreuset.com

Tauruses are naturally tender-hearted, and that tends to make you a great gardener, artist, and cook. This pretty color (which just so happens to also be May babies' birthstone) is perfect for a person with a green-thumb who also spends time in the kitchen.

BUY NOW Emerald Green Round Dutch Oven, from $150 lecreuset.com

Ever felt like you're missing your other half? That's because of your twin mentality, Gemini. As such, you're in love with love&mdashfinding someone to complete you. Maybe this heart-shaped pot can help.

BUY NOW Hibiscus Heart Cocotte, $200 macys.com

You are incredibly family-oriented&mdashonce you let people past that hard shell you have. That loyalty and urge to take care of the ones you love makes you the Mickey figure of your crew. Might as well show that off in your kitchen.

BUY NOW Mickey Mouse Round Dutch Oven, $350 lecreuset.com

Leo, gurl, you live for drama&mdashbut, like, you try to play it off like you don't. That makes this rich amethyst color, which is muted by the matte finish, perfect for you.

BUY NOW Matte Amethyst Round Dutch Oven, from $350 lecreuset.com

You're an earth sign&mdashso flowers are kind of your thing. But you also prefer to lead a clean and practical life, which this white-on-white design totally riffs on.

BUY NOW Fleur Cocotte, $200 lecreuset.com

You crave balance in your life. This color yellow seems to solely be loud, but give it a second thought. It's actually part fun, part practical since it can act as a neutral.

BUY NOW Soleil Round Dutch Oven, $120 bloomingdales.com

People peg Scorpios as fire signs because of your, well, fiery personalities, but you're actually a water sign, so we won't stick you with something red. You can be a bit calculating, and you don't like to show your cards. Enter: A pitch-black Dutch oven.

BUY NOW Matte Black Round Dutch Oven, $150 lecreuset.com

Sag, you've heard it before&mdashand that's because it's true. You're always on the move, whether it's bringing dinner to a friend's house or making over new properties for your family to live in. You need something durable that looks good when it's a little banged up. A stainless steel pot was made for you.

Le Creuset Lifetime Warranty: How I got a brand new pot!

Editor’s note: since I published this post, I’ve received a lot of comments online and off by people frustrated with a different experience (and a much less positive one.) While I was satisfied (and seemingly lucky) with my experience, I’ll leave the comments open, and welcome anyone to share their experience here as well. Did you managed to get your pot replaced? Did it not work? Keep in mind that we’re all real humans here, and in no way connected to Le Creuset, so let’s keep it friendly in the comments!

Here’s a little story for you about my recent experience with Le Creuset. (Spoiler: it ended happily!) But I’ll start from the beginning: from early childhood, my favorite cooking memories involve sitting over the stove, stirring delicious things in Le Creuset pots. My mom has had the same large white French oven, and big blue braiser for at least two decades. More, I suppose. I love the functionality of these pots, and the heat distribution. They are perfect for soups and stews, braising, or even roasting in the oven.

Three years ago, I became a big kid, and got my own – a 7.25 quart round French oven, in Dijon. It’s a cheerful color, made my kitchen happy, and I used it every day. It felt good, having that pot, trusted, and would serve, in a pinch, as an effective weapon, in case of an intruder bursting into my kitchen.

While my mom’s pots have lasted with no problems for decades, alas, I must have purchased a lemon. After a few years, the enamel on the bottom of the pot started cracking, despite my gentle use with wooden spoons, typically low-medium heat as specified by their recommendations, and only gentle scrubbing. (You don’t really ever need to use the thing on high, because of the fantastic cast iron.)

One day, I was heating up some oil in the pan, and the enamel started exploding like tiny pieces of popcorn. I must admit, I had no idea what to do. I couldn’t really afford to drop several hundred dollars on a new pot, and reading threads on Chowhound made me nervous that Le Creuset might not replace it. But after several months with limited braising capabilities, I decided to take the plunge, and try my luck with the return process. There was no sense in sitting with a large, useless kitchen item. (I literally loved the pot so much that the idea of parting with it was horrific, even though I could not use it at the time.) Hopefully, if you are in the same boat as I was, this will be of use.

Here’s what happened:

1. I called customer support, and asked for a Returns Merchandise Authorization number. They ask you to put the number both inside and outside your returns box, so don’t send it to them without calling first! I chatted with the kind support folks for a bit about my problem. They couldn’t promise it would be replaced, but they seemed kindly enough, that I’d risk it.

2. I washed out my sad pot, one last time. I had a big pot, and was a little nervous about finding something to ship it in. Fortunately, my 7.25 quart pot fit perfectly in the USPS priority shipping box! You have to pay for it yourself, but at least this is fairly economical. Go USPS!

3. I wrote a kind note explaining what was wrong, just in case they didn’t notice. I then purchased insurance on the item, and confirmation of delivery (just a few extra dollars, but totally worth it.) My thinking was if the postal service lost my pot, I’d get insurance, and be able to replace the thing anyway. There was a moment where I prayed this would actually happen, because at the time, I still had my doubts about Le Creuset coming through. I also took a picture in the box, just in case. The total came to about 18 dollars, which isn’t free, but also isn’t a tenth of the cost of purchasing a new pot.

4. I waited. The support site says turnaround time is 2-4 weeks, although on the phone I was quoted 4-6 weeks. There’s nothing to really track the process, or any form of communication from the company. But yesterday, I came home, and there was a box on my doorstep. The box came back in less than 3 weeks, and they even replaced it in the discontinued color of the original (Dijon).

If they don’t find fault with their workmanship, they offer a 75% discount off of the purchase of a new pot. (But they won’t return the item you sent to them.) I think I would have had a tantrum if they had pulled this, but fortunately, things went well.

Moral of the story: this was an anxious month. I sent my well loved item back to the factory without promise of return. I wish they had a program that you could just exchange at an authorized point of purchase, but I’m certainly appreciative that I got my pot replaced! And frankly, I wish I had done it sooner! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my pot. So, if there are any of you sitting at home with a sad Le Creuset, just take the plunge.

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